Maria Kerry has sued for stealing the song “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

Maria Carey His 28-year-old is being sued for holiday injuries, “All I want for Christmas is you.”

The Grammy Award winner A lyricist named Andy Stone is at the center of allegations of copyright infringement, alleging that he stole the title of his song. Before Kerry released his Smash hit in 1994, Stone stated that he had already co-written a song of the same name for the country group. Vince Vance and Valiant Inside 1989. In the lawsuit, Stone states that his song was a popular radio single and even found its way onto billboard charts.

The problem with Stone’s claim is that his record doesn’t sound like Carrie’s, with a variety of songs and melodies. Still, he claims that Kerry and his team stole the song’s title without his or her team’s permission.

In addition to Kerry, Stone’s case targets Walter Afanasif, Kerry’s co-author of the song. Stone alleges that Kerry and Afanasif were “knowingly, intentionally and deliberately engaged in promoting Stone’s copyright infringement at work.”

Looking for stones 20 million loss, Complain that 52 years old He has earned millions from music and is indebted to him.

Maria Kerry has not publicly commented on the case.

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