Mattel Laverne has introduced transgender Barbie designed after Cox

Barbie is celebrating Laverne Cox With a doll to honor his influence as an advocate for LGBTQ rights.

The doll was released just days before Cox’s 50th birthday on Sunday Actresses, producers, writers and activists have told people that inspiring a doll in the legend lineup seems “surreal”.

“I can’t believe it. I love the way she dresses, “says Cox.” What excites me most about her being out in the world is that trans teens can see her and maybe buy her and play with her and find out that a Barbie has been created for the first time by Mattel. A trans man. “

The puppet is making its debut during a tense political environment for transgender rights. However, Cox says his self-inspired doll is much more than a toy.

“I think in an environment where trans kids have been used as political football. While in 2022 alone more than 250 anti-trans laws have been introduced in state legislatures across the country. And in my own state, Alabama, Arkansas, and other states have denied access to gender-guaranteed healthcare by signed legislation… that in this environment where trans kids are being attacked, it can also be a celebration of transcendence, as well as dreaming, understanding, and reminding them. That trance is beautiful, ”he says. “They have hope and potential to be themselves.”

Laverne Cox Barbie is currently available at major retailers and at tel 39.99 at

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