McMiller’s drug dealer has been sentenced to 17.5 years in prison for a fatal pill

Rapper Mac Miller has died at the age of 26 from a suspected overdose

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The death of Mac Miller is one of the most tragic and unexpected losses that the hip-hop community has suffered over time. As far as the public was concerned, Mac was on his way to stardom and was probably working on a new album. Mac was not necessarily a family name but its fan base was large and expanded every year. He had a very bright future ahead of him and the news of his death was devastating for many people, fans and peers.

The deadly dose of fentanyl that was administered through his system was sold to him by a 49-year-old drug dealer named Stephen Walter. Walter Knockoff was selling oxycodone pills that were equipped with controversial drugs that became popular after he was blamed for Michael Jackson’s death.

U.S. rapper Mac Miller has been found dead

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Drug dealer sentenced to 17.5 years for selling deadly fentanyl pills

Today, according to Rolling Stone, Walter was sentenced to 17.5 years in prison after a judge rejected his initial appeal agreement. The rejection was mainly due to the fact that even after Mack’s death, Walter continued to sell deadly pills without any remorse.

“The court has decided not to accept the application. So, sir, if you want, at this point, you can withdraw your guilty plea and go to trial, “said Judge Wright. “It simply came to our notice then. When you are engaged in this activity even after your activity has killed someone, I am having a hard time not being within the guidelines. ”

Walter has now joined his colleague Pill Pusher, 39-year-old Ryan Revis, who was sentenced to 11 years in prison last month.

Nothing will really ease the hearts and minds of Mack’s family, friends or fans, but we certainly hope they will find some comfort in the fact that those responsible were held accountable for everything they said and did.

Rest in peace, Mac Miller.

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