Meaning of lunar eclipse: How to deal with post-eclipse hangover

If you are suddenly suffering from unexplained fatigue, lunar eclipse hangovers can be the culprit. After all, May 16 was an incredibly powerful Blood Moon, and while you were busy taking photos of it from your porch, the eclipse worked hard to change the course of your life. If you feel slow, painful and tired right now, you can feel the weight of what this lunar eclipse means to you.

In astrology, a lunar eclipse is * so * much more than a spectacular lunar event. In fact, it is a sign that big changes are about to happen! On May 16, a full lunar eclipse in Scorpio exploded through the sky, bringing with it an explosion of cosmic energy that could make you bold. This is because a lunar eclipse is a lot like a full moon, but it is 100 times more intense. The reason? Well, an eclipse always activates the north node and the south node, which is the highest and lowest point of the lunar eclipse.

In astrology, the answer node represents your ultimate destiny; Destiny is always meant to be yours. Conversely, the South Node symbolizes the baggage you carry with you from your past life and your life experiences. Since the lunar eclipse you just felt made a connection to the South Node, you could leave something heavy in your life; Something you no longer need to understand.

A lunar eclipse is much like a full moon, but it is 100 times more intense.

Moving away from something that keeps you balanced is not an easy thing to do. Think about how it feels when you have to pack up and move into a new home or find the courage to leave a stressful relationship behind. The process is tedious! While you may feel ready to leave the past, the task of giving up is complicated, especially if long-term attachments hold you back. If you find yourself moving on from something and starting a new chapter, the eclipse season may have something to do with it. And since Mercury is currently reversing, it’s only adding more confusion to the mix.

If you have a Sun sign, a Moon sign and / or a growing sign in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, then this lunar eclipse will probably have a significant effect on you. Stylecaster resident graphic designer Sasha Pardi was born in her Sun Aquarius and her Moon in Leo, which means that this lunar eclipse had a big impact on her. In fact, she recently decided to end her relationship with her 11-month-old partner. He told us: “The lunar eclipse made me feel confident about leaving a relationship that no longer serves me or my partner and is looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life.”

However, if you are in Taurus or Scorpio, this blood-moon-lunar eclipse was a more meaningful experience for you. No joke — it’s full of “main character” power. Valerie Mesa, a world-renowned astrologer and spiritual instructor, has a growing sign in her Scorpio sign and she tells us: You can feel something coming, and you know you’re going to have a part of it. “

Even if this eclipse does not trigger a serious outward change in your life, you may feel as if you are coming to a strong epiphany about something. Izzy Acevedo—, a California-based actuator with a lunar sign in Scorpio, and when asked about his experience with the recent eclipse, told us: “I feel the need to return to therapy. I’ve been thinking a lot about it for the last few months, but this past week, it almost felt like I had a call to go back. “

If you feel tired of all the important changes and life-changing expressions, you are not alone. This past eclipse season was intense and the inevitable fatigue is just a testament to the new chapter that has begun to unfold. Do not resist what is coming next! All you can do is put the chips where they can read.

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