Megan Fox uses this face serum-sunscreen combo to get glowing skin

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Good skin care rule number one: Always apply Sunscreen. This is the best and easiest way to keep your skin healthy and youthful. If you haven’t already Using an SPF every day Or not a fan of the way it feels, Megan Fox just wore a face serum that does triple duty: it hydrates your skin, provides adequate sun protection and protects from blue light.

We’re always down for a multitasking beauty product backed by a celebrity, so we were excited to get what Megan likes. SPF 50 drops of Rodial. The serum provides broad-spectrum protection from sun and blue light and moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

In one Instagram Brand’s post, you can see Megan’s face is so bright. We will be pressed to find more radiant and flawless skin. It’s no surprise that the actress loves Rodial because co-stars A-lister Jessica Alba and Lily James are also huge fans.

It’s hard enough to find a sunscreen already Do not leave cak in your skin greaseSo this celeb-favorite product is a gem.

After all, the key to flawless makeup is skin care. To get beautiful skin like Megan And Prevent sun damage, day SPF 50 drops of Rodial A go we are sure your skin will see and feel for it.

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Rodial SPF 50 Drops Amazon

Photo: Rodial.

The skin care ingredients in this formula are not surprising, especially since they are packaged in an SPF product. Butterfly shrub, a flower that strengthens, soothes, strengthens and protects against free radical damage. The product contains powerhouse ingredients hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Hydrate and nourish the skin So that it does not feel dull and dry. It also has blue light filter technology, which is important in combating visible signs of aging.

Make sure you apply SPF 50 drops As a final step in your skin care routine. This makes it the perfect foundation for your makeup, so lay out the next product you want. Be sure to let the serum absorb on your skin before you start your makeup look and keep applying it every morning before going out of the house.

Rodial Dragon's Blood Scalping Gel Amazon

Photo: Rodial.

Megan also uses the brand Dragon Blood Sculpture Gel To moisturize her face before applying SPF 50 drops. The gel contains Rodial’s Dragon’s Blood Complex, which is the juice of a croton lacrimal tree. This special ingredient keeps your skin smooth, firm and bouncy. It’s no wonder why Megan’s face always looks so high and flawless.

Rodial Banana Low Lighter Amazon

Photo: Rodial.

On top of the SPF serum and scalping gel, the actress also applied Banana low lighter. It is a color enhancer that hides, shapes and brightens the skin. To get rid of dark circles, dab it under your eyes or swipe your cheekbones to catch the light. The result? A dew tint for the most beautiful minimal makeup look.

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