Mercedes-Benz Limited Edition Introducing AMG GT Stroller

Mercedes-Benz A limited edition is rolled out AMG GT Stroller It has been made keeping in mind the pair of flying mother and child

Luxury Car Corporation has a long-standing partnership with the famous stroller company, In her. Now, the duo is gearing up for a stylish limited edition pushchair debut that mimics Mercedes’ popular AMG GT. This limited edition new stroller has been carefully crafted by Mercedes-Benz design experts, only 299 Available worldwide.

That's Baller: Mercedes-Benz Limited Edition Introducing the AMG GT Stroller
Photo credit: Mercedes

Unlike previous AMG stroller models, this sleek stroller features a custom set of AMG cross-spoke rims and Dynamica upholstery on adjustable seats for baby comfort. The limited edition jacquard fabric hood has an AMG pattern on a black background, which goes well with the premium complimentary folding baby bag that comes with it.

The AMG branding on both sides of the aluminum frame, an original AMG symbol and genuine leather on the handles gives a stunning presentation when out on work or family trips. Like all Horton models, safety is a top priority, with the updated AMG GT chair having standard lockable swivel wheels, suspension and handbrake. Storage pockets for parental items are also conveniently placed on the go.

Mercedes AMG GT Stroller

Anyone looking to get their hands on this exclusive AMG GT stroller can find it at select baby stores and on the Hartan website. Given the uniqueness of pushchairs, parents who can’t keep anyone safe can be satisfied. Standard “AMG GT pushchair by Harton” Also available on the company’s website.

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