Michael K. Williams’s nephew opens up about discovering his body by following deadly

Nephew of the actor Michael K. Williams The moment he saw his uncle dead from one, his silence was broken Drug overdose.

Dominic Dupont Joined its latest episode Red table talk, For the first time in public he is talking about the untimely death of his uncle September. He explained that he immediately noticed how quiet it was when he reached his uncle. Brooklyn Penthouse

“It was quiet. Michael always played. That was not the case,” Dupont recalled. He then stuck his head in the door and called his uncle before seeing him dead. Immediately called 911, Ask if he wants to try compression. Sadly, Dupont knew immediately that Williams was dead.

Dupont added that before his death, there was nothing to indicate that his uncle had started using drugs again. However, his flawless acting ability probably allows him to hide his resurgent addiction.

“Michael also worked really hard so that the things he was going through would not impose on other people. And he was an actor, wasn’t he? And people can be fooled. You can tell people you’re okay, “he shared.

The Chief Medical Examiner of New York City Determined that “The Wire” star died of an accidental overdose of fentanyl-laced heroin and cocaine. Four people have been charged in connection with his death. Dupont said he was “positive” that his uncle would never have taken the drug if he had known they were involved with strong drugs.

Dupont hopes that talking about Williams’ death will raise awareness of the dangers of fentanyl-laced substances.

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