Minnesota woman arrested, charged with fatal shooting of her 6-year-old son

A Minnesota The woman was arrested on suspicion of killing her 6-year-old son, whose body was found by police in the trunk of a car.

This past Saturday, Orono, Minnesota police arrested 28-year-old Julesa Thaler when they found Eli Hart, 6, dead in the trunk of a car. According to CBS 4 WCCO, police learned that Eli’s body was in his trunk when they were making a traffic stop at Minnesota Mound last Friday. Before checking them out, police received a report of a car with rear windows and a popped tire.

Thaler’s hand had blood stains from Eli’s body. Thaler also had a shotgun and a bullet hole in the back seat and a lost shell casing. An initial autopsy revealed that Thaler allegedly shot the boy nine times.

According to family and friends, Eli spent nearly a year in foster care before returning to his mother, who allegedly lost him due to neglect. At this time, the family members of the boy tried to take him into full custody. After Thaler was taken into custody, Eli’s behavior began to tread a dark path, in which he performed at school and showed signs of anxiety, NBC News reported.

“I was afraid he would hurt Eli if he got back in custody, if not worse,” said Nikita Cronberg, who has been with Eli for almost a year, CBS 3 WCCO reported. “I keep looking at his pictures and I don’t think it can be real. He’s playing somewhere outside, having fun. It can’t be real. “

Thaler has been charged with second-degree murder in Henepin County. He is expected to appear in court for the first time this week.

Eli Hart and Julius Thaler - Henepin County
Eli Hart and Julius Thaler – Henepin County

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