Mo’Nique and DL Hughley Continue Comedy Show Contract Dispute; Monique added

Monique And DL Hooghly Continuing to back down over a contract dispute tied to a comedy show, Monique says she was originally supposed to be the headline.

Over the past few days, two iconic comedians have been confronted when Mo’Nique recently revealed how he was taken advantage of in a business deal where he claimed that he was originally convinced to head a comedy show. . During the set, he called Dale Hooghly, apparently claiming that he had played a role in replacing him as the headliner of the comedy show.

In their argument, both comedians are posting receipts after receipts showing the arrangements for their alleged contracts. On Tuesday, Mo’Nique responded to Hughley by posting his contract memo, which was printed on March 29, 2022, saying that Hughley would be “closing” the show, among other things. Mo’Nique took to social media and posted receipts, including allegations of email exchanges between a performance deal, Mo’Nique’s team and comedy shows, event schedules, and more. Monique’s performance contract was signed on March 28, 2022.

“There were some of you who were fooled by the smoke and mirrors of posting his deal memo” versus his “performance contract”. Here’s my performance agreement and here are the emails and texts that make sure I’m always going to keep it real and honest with my people as usual. If you notice I have a signature and no DL. Which type of iron-clad contract does not have the signatures of the participants? Apparently DL’s. Haha !, ”wrote Monique.

“Now, you asked me to check with my management and I brought it, so how do I do it? Perhaps you should have taken your own advice, as I am sure your team will advise you against trying to pass a deal memo as a deal, “he continued.

In response, Hooghly maintained his position on his “contract”, saying he was going to be the headliner and mentioned that the promoters should be held responsible for the problem.

“Maaaan… Hicks Media Inc. ?? Hold on !! That’s you !!! You’re really showing everyone a contract submitted by your own company. I smell bad and it wasn’t written on the old donkey’s birth certificate! Stop [CAP]!!, “Hughley said in an Instagram post that included a video of Mo’Nique’s performance pact.

“Explain to me now how my shit was distributed and you didn’t have it ?? Your problem with” Hicks Media Inc. “seems to me. Can we please enforce 3 knockdown rules ?? – Daryl Lynn Hooghly Gone.

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