Mo’Nique DL Hughley highlights the bias against black women in the feud

Mo’Nique isn’t happy with the way DL Hughley is treating him, and he’s not going down without a fight.

Mo'Nique and DL Hughley

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During a performance in Detroit this weekend, the Oscar winner gave fans an unpleasant opening monologue at the Fox Theater, saying he was going to headline 105.9 KISS-FM’s The Comedy Explosion.

“Not all of you will understand the fight [I] You had to stand in front of everyone tonight, “Monique told the crowd, according to audience footage of her performance.

Throughout his entire set, Mo’Nique went on to complain that Hughley refused to perform on the show if Mo’Nique left the headliner as planned.

The comedian said, “That’s what the f ****** deal is all about.” “Monique has to be the last f ****** person on stage. He’s the headliner. That’s what I signed (the contract for).”

Although he did not seem to solve the problem on stage that night, Higgins went on to respond to Monique’s claim on Instagram the next day.

“All you have to do is check the order of the name of the ticket stub from last night and you will see who is confused,” DL wrote on social media. “Contrary to my good decision, my team’s objections and 4 other occasions where I said no, I decided to take a chance and work with Monique.”

The comedian points to other conflicts that Monique had with others in the entertainment industry, including Oprah Winfrey and Steve Harvey. She sued Netflix in 2019 for racial and gender discrimination.

“Sometimes it can’t be everyone else, it’s you !!,” Hughley continued in his caption. “I learned a lesson. I had nothing against Monik … People paid a lot of money to laugh at your agreement.

Mo’Nique went on to respond to the DL’s post with his own IG post on Monday, urging the comedian to “mess with people who have never messed with you and who thought you were a comrade in comedy.”

“You’re pointing people at the ticket stubs for name orders as opposed to your contract, implying that you don’t have a contract that shows you’re a headliner, as I do,” he wrote. “Either show your agreement or keep quiet.”

Afterwards, Mo’Nique took matters into his own hands, posting his contract and posting a lineup that showed he was taking to the final stage, which would be the title of the show at 9:40 pm.

“Now, you asked me to check with my management and I brought it, so how did I do it?” He wrote in his caption, in part. “It said, DL we the people will wait for the agreement you signed.”

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

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