More pump rules they may be fired

Stacey Schroeder claims that she and Kristen Doubt succeeded "[Taken]    People down" At the time of the shooting, other pump rules stated that they were involved and explained the action against Faith Store.

Stacy Schroeder He looked back at the shooting Vanderpump rules Time for a podcast appearance earlier this week.

About two years later, he and Kristen Doubt Booted by Bravo, along Max Boynes And Brett CaprioniBecause of the racism of the past, Stacey suggested that the other members of the show were just as guilty – and noted that he and Kristen could have taken more people with them as they left the network.

“Everyone was very helpful,” Stacey said. “I mean, I was friends with the cast members, everyone was there,” Stacey explained in the May 23 episode. Skinny secret frost and her Podcast, via Heavy. “They’ve seen … a lot of what other people have gone down.”

According to Stacey, neither she nor Kristen were involved in the incident that led to her dismissal, which involved reporting to their former cast member, Faith StowersHe did what he did for the crime.

“There were many more people involved in the ‘incident’ that led to my dismissal. … And Kristen and I, obviously we didn’t want to take people down with us. So we were ‘lucky you guys, you guys who weren’t called for it,’ “he recalls.” So everyone was kind enough because I think they were lucky they didn’t do it, that they still had a job. “

A few months after Stacey and Kristen were accused of recklessly damaging faith, Jacques Taylor And wife Brittany Cartwright Confirmed that they too will be missing from the Nine Seasons. However, despite rumors that he had been fired for possible racism and even homophobia, Jacques insisted he had decided to leave the show.

In Stacey’s recently published book, Close to my head: The Definitive Basic B *** Handbook to Surviving Rock BottomStassi explained his actions against the faith, saying they had nothing to do with ethnicity but rather a reaction to his relationship of faith with Jacques in his relationship with Brittany.

Also in the book, Stacey says that her producers fought for her and Kristen to stay on the show but to no avail.

“They were close when the actual call was made at the tip line,” Stacey explained, noting that the producers “requested Bravo” and said “our behavior was encouraged by the continuation.” Vanderpump rules

“I mean, this sh-t Vanderpump rules It’s about – exposing people, calling them, “he added.

Bravo recently renewed Vanderpump rules For the 10th season.

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