Mother of Flavor Flav’s youngest child claims she blocked him on social media

His mother Flavor FlavorsHer youngest child is accusing her of withholding her income so that the child cannot be assisted.

The father of a three-year-old boy named Flavor Flav Jordan was revealed last week. Flav welcomed his eighth child with his former manager Kate Gamel. TMZ says the public anime member is paying $ 3,000 a month in child support and is trying to build a relationship with her son. The iconic hype-man was also submitting legal documents to change Jordan’s last name to match his father’s.

However, Gamel says Flav is not holding back on bargaining to help raise Jordan. Gamel told HipHopDX that Flavus blocked him on Instagram after he posted a video of her and Jordan.

“We decided to settle out of court because Flav said he would go to Jordan there. See her once a week, pay her 3,000 3,000 a month and pay for her treatment, “Gammel told the news outlet.” I trusted her. She’s also seen Jordan only six times since she was born in 2019. The deal we’ve got is Flav’s child support Based on, but he did not provide the necessary documents to determine it. He giggles and does not give me the contract. He is hiding his income. “

Also, Gamel said he has no intention of donating $ 78,000 to Flav’s back child support for the first two years of Jordan’s life.

“Jordan has detoxing problems and needs special medical care and medication,” Gammel continued. “It simply came to our notice then. And, if he really wants Jordan in his life, why would he block me? It clearly shows that he doesn’t care about Jordan since he did it after I uploaded the drum video on my Instagram. Or is he afraid that I will see all his gigs, which will earn and then give him higher child support? He is not transparent and blocks me on Instagram. He is clearly showing his statement to TMZ that this is not true. “

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