Needle attacks reported by clubgoers in Europe

Hundreds of needle attacks have been reported by those entering the club Europe.

Owners of nightclubs and bars are trying to raise awareness of the rise of “needle spiking” in recent attacks. CBS reports that more than 300 people have been accused of randomly stabbing and pushing clubs across France.

Authorities still do not know if the perpetrators or victims of the attack were being injected with drugs or other substances, the news outlet reported. Other reports of needle spiking have been submitted from people in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Some needle spike victims said they felt dizzy and had headaches, after which they discovered they had been pierced. CBS News reports that the victims found piercings or wounds on the skin after the stabbing.

Some sufferers even had to go to the hospital for examination when the feeling of dizziness and headache persisted. Some say they have decided not to join parties or clubs because of these problems.

Officials say the sweetie would have to enter the skin for a few moments to inject someone with a drug or substance, which a person would notice. Officials believe Prix contains GHB, a depressing drug that slows down messages transmitted to the brain, CBS News reports.

“We have not found any drug or substance or objective evidence that proves the administration of the substance with that unjust or criminal intent. “We are most afraid of being infected with HIV, hepatitis or any other contagious disease,” said Dr. Emanuel Puscarczyk, head of the poison control center in the eastern French city of Nancy, according to CBS News.

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