Nen Leaks sued for K 100K for married boyfriend

Lex’s new boo, a “very rich” reality star, could be more of a problem than his price!

2nd Annual The Black Ball: Pierre, CEO of Quality Control "Urine" Celebrating Thomas's birthday

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The wife of Nene Leek’s boyfriend Neonisela Sioh has claimed that she started sleeping with him during her marriage.

Nene lives with her father, Neonisela Siohe, both village and social, and the pair recently attended The Black Ball celebration for QC boss Pierre “P” Thomas at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. But despite their very public relationship, Nene is being blamed for the death of Seoh’s marriage – and his estranged wife wants to pay him $ 100K!

According to TMZ, Malomin Sioh has filed legal documents alleging that Neni, in fact, stole Neoni from him and embarrassed him in front of the whole world.

Neneke could cost upwards of $ 100,000 for that public insult, as Malomin is suing for mental anguish, mental anguish and loss of affection. The state of North Carolina is one of seven states in the United States where a spouse can sue the side for financial compensation, known as separation of affection.

Three months after her husband’s death, Nene Lex went public with Neonisela Siohe

Greg Lex, Nene’s estranged husband, died in September 2021, at the age of 66, after a difficult and public battle with colon cancer. Nene mourned her husband publicly and privately while keeping fans up to date on her healing journey.

In December 2021, just a few months later, Nene shared her new Burr glimpse via Instagram while sharing photos and videos of her 55th birthday celebration. Social media detectives quickly identified the man as the popular Charlotte North Carolina socialite and men’s clothing designer, Neonisela Sioh.

Liberian-born Nyoni Sela is the owner and fashion designer of her self-titled high-end men’s clothing brand Nyoni Couture, which specializes in bespoke men’s suits and accessories. Nyoni, who has been in the fashion industry for 15 years, has 147K followers on Instagram and doesn’t seem to mind the attention she brings to her new relationship. Neoni is regularly posting pictures of her “Bravo-Liberty” Bay, and the couple has been spotted at numerous events.

Nyonisela Sioh has previously said that she is happily married

In an interview with the Daily Guide Network in July 2020, Neoni was asked about the status of her relationship.

“Yes, Neoni is married and happily married for many years. I have two handsome sons and a beautiful daughter, “he described himself as a third person.

Not much is known about what happened between him and his wife, but in a recent “post and delete”, Neoni seems to be hinting at separation and encouraging readers to separate themselves from “negative people.”

“All you can do for yourself in life is not let negative people bring you down to their level; Just maintain your self-esteem and stay away from them. Know that you can’t hang out with negative people and expect a positive lifestyle. Don’t forget that the less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful my life becomes. Always surround yourself with people who value you and if someone doesn’t appreciate your presence, all you can do is appreciate their absence. Avoid the ungrateful, who complain about something that you did not do for them instead of praising them for doing thousands of things for them. Leave them to stew in ungratefulness, but do not hate them. Just keep your focus and don’t stress. # Stay tuned “

Where is the difference?

Nene has not yet been able to address the news of the case, but as she has said before, “Why so dirty and so rude, when I can be so fierce and so successful?”

Nene has gone through a lot in the last few years and it seems she is moving forward happily with her life. Hopefully, Mrs. Seoh can do the same.

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