Nene leaks and claims she is “husband thief”

'RHOA' leaked the address and claimed that he was one

The real housewife of Atlanta alum Nene leaks There it is all put out.

In a new Instagram live clip obtained by heretherealityrundown, Nene discusses how she never stole “someone’s husband”. Recently her current boyfriend filed a lawsuit against her Neoncell CiohHis ex-wife, Malomin Tehmeh-Sioh, To the tune of $ 100,000 for allegedly being the catalyst that broke up his and Neonicella’s marriage. (The lawsuit is being filed in North Carolina, one of only a few states where a person can sue a wife’s boyfriend for lack of affection that leads to divorce.)

In the clip, Nene says, “There’s a lot going on in the world, let’s love each other a little more. I mean, there’s a lot going on. I am already stealing my husband here কেউ no one is stealing people’s husbands here. I did not know. Nobody wants to steal someone else’s problem, honey. “

Nene himself is currently embroiled in a lawsuit against NBCUniversal, Bravo and Andy Cohen Accused of creating a racist work environment during his tenure RHOA.

Later in the clip, Nene says that it is difficult for her to return to Bravo after the events of the past. Surprisingly, though, he sarcastically took a moment to wish Andy a happy birthday and said that he wanted to stop their “bull ** beef” with each other.

“You are always asking me to return to the housewives. Now that possibility is going to be very slim. But I want to say happy birthday Andy!… Now we’re going to stop eating this bull *** and beef, and today I heard it’s his birthday so I’m going to wish him a happy birthday. “

I’m not sure Happy Birthday was sent with complete sincerity.

In other news, Nyonisela publicly talks about her former case against Nene in an Instagram post captured by hestheshaderoom.

“Always surround yourself with people who value you,” Neonisela posted. “Avoid the ungrateful ones who complain about one thing you did not do for them instead of praising them for a thousand things. Let them stew in ungratefulness. “

So, those two cases are now in front of Nen.

Good luck.

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