Nevada man convicted of rape and murder of teenager who thought he was a big man

Bryce Dickey 16-year-old Gabrielle “Britney” Uzlaki has been convicted of first-degree murder and sexual assault with a deadly weapon for her 2020 death.

A jury in Elko District Court on Thursday found Dickie guilty after four hours of deliberations. They unanimously voted to convict him of all charges against him, People reported.

Dickie was 18 when he committed the crime. He picked up Ujlaki from Elco’s Angel Park on March 8, 2020, and was never seen again.

After he went missing, Dickie, whom the victim thought was a “big brother”, was accused of telling deputies various stories about what had happened.

Initially, police said they claimed to have seen the teen get up in a green Ford F-150 pickup truck with a tall man wearing a cowboy hat. However, the man and the truck were never found, and prosecutors believe he made it.

Three days after the disappearance, Ujlaki’s body was found wrapped in blue. She was raped and severely stabbed.

Authorities acted swiftly to apprehend Dickie, pinning him using his inconsistent story and physical evidence found at the scene. A used condom containing Dickie’s blood-stained boots and his DNA was found on the teenager’s body. Dickie confessed to having sex with her on the day of her disappearance, but she claimed it was consensual.

And the defense insisted that Dickie did not kill Ujlaki. Defense attorney Gary Woodbury told the jury, “You will not hear any evidence that anyone has seen Bryce Dickie kill Britney Ujlaki anywhere.”

But prosecutors fought back by presenting a witness who testified that he had dated Dickie before and said he had repeatedly been violent with her, including at least four times she had been strangled. But they did not bring any eyewitness.

Prosecutor Tyler Ingram told the jury, “I want you to consider whether crimes like murder and sexual assault are often committed in front of another person.” “It wouldn’t be very smart.”

In the end, the judges agreed with the prosecution and found Dickie guilty. The jury will discuss his sentence on Monday.

He faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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