New look to roll out Instagram

Instagram Launched a visual refresh, brings new power to the app interface.

The platform has unveiled new changes Monday, Which includes redefined colors, logos and other elements. Visual refresh means “creating a more immersive and inclusive experience” for users.

One transformation is to rediscover the gradient with bright colors to indicate the time of discovery. Users may also notice a new style and design system aimed at promoting content that emphasizes originality and self-expression. The animated gradient has received a 3D update to make it feel more “alive”.

Instagram has also changed its typeface Without Instagram. This will apply to IG logos and other design elements. This typeface will appear on marketing materials such as billboards and websites.

Users have long called for improvements to the app’s overall layout, and Instagram has responded by implementing a new marketing layout. Full-screen imagery makes it easier for users to view the content, and the meta-owned site has previously taken steps to reverse the timelines in chronological order.

New updates have already taken effect, allowing users to enjoy them without the need for app updates.

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