New research suggests drinking coffee may reduce the risk of death

In a new study, moderate coffee consumption was associated with reduced risk of death. However, scientists warn that there are still many unknown causes.

Data from 171,000 people United Kingdom Used for published research for more than seven years History of Internal Medicine, Which reduced the risk of death by 30%.

Those who drank moderate amounts of coffee, about two to three cups a day, had the lowest risk of death, whether or not sugar was added to their coffee.

However, there are still significant limitations that make it impossible to say whether drinking coffee reduces the risk of death.

In an assistant editorial, Christina Wei, This is an associate professor Harvard Medical School And a deputy editor of the journal said the study sought to control other factors, such as socioeconomic status.

Nevertheless, he warned that trying to isolate the effects of drinking coffee alone is not ideal.

“Nevertheless, the decision to drink coffee (and whether to add sugar) is not a random one and is influenced by difficult factors such as job and work demands and hours, socio-economic and emotional stress, leisure time availability. , And intolerance to coffee for health or clinical reasons, just to name a few, “he wrote.

He said a safe guess is that coffee drinkers do not need to stop for health reasons.

“While we cannot conclusively conclude that drinking coffee reduces the risk of death, the full range of evidence does not suggest that most coffee drinkers বিশেষ especially those who do not drink it or have moderate amounts of sugar ক need to eliminate coffee,” he wrote. “So drink – but it would be wise to avoid a lot more caramel macchiato when creating more evidence.”

Coffee is a “complex blend,” according to the study’s authors Southern Medical University Inside Guangzhou, ChinaAnd it is impossible to distinguish which part of it is associated with death.

“Note that there are many observational sources (including our findings) on high coffee consumption and illness and mortality with caffeinated as well as decaffeinated coffee, and thus it seems unlikely that caffeine alone could explain all the potential health effects of coffee.” They write.

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