NFL cornerback Jeff Gladney dies in tragic car crash

Premature death is a shadow of mourning in the sports world Arizona Cardinal Cornerback Jeff Gladney, Who was killed in a car accident Monday morning.

The accident happened nearby 2:30 am. In the westbound service lanes of Woodall Rogers Freeway on Ellen Street Dallas, Texas. A female victim in the car also died from her injuries. His identity has not yet been revealed, although multiple sources said the woman was his girlfriend.

The Christian University of Texas Standout recently signed a two-year deal with it Arizona Cardinals. The move served as a new chapter for Gladney when she was not convicted March Of a Allegations of criminal assault arising from a domestic dispute.

Before signing with the Cardinals, Gladney was a first-round pick in the 2020 draft, having landed at the Minnesota Vikings before being released last August.

Gladney’s best friend and former TCU teammate, Jalen RegorTaken to Twitter, he shared several emotional tweets as news of Gladney’s death spread.

“I lost my brother, my best friend, my right-hand man নেই nothing more, I can curse people! RIP Jeff Gladney, brother keep an eye on me, please, “the Philadelphia Eagles Wide receiver wrote in a tweet.

In several follow-up tweets, he shared that he was “lost for words” and also posted a screenshot of their last text message exchange.

Ex Cincinnati Bengals Security George Iloka He also expressed his feelings about the sad news, recalling his time playing Rocky with Rocky during the year.

“One of the most respectable and intentional rookies I’ve ever seen. There was always a smile and came to work. Sad sad. So young, so precious. RIP Young King, ”he wrote.

The Cardinals, NFL and Vikings have issued statements expressing condolences to Gladney’s loved ones.

Jeff Gladney was right 25 years old And left a one-year-old son.

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