Nick Cannon explains why he doesn’t want to get married

We already know that Nick Cannon is not exactly a man in a traditional relationship and now, he is expanding his thinking around legal marriage.

Nick Cannon Presentation: MTV Wild 'n Out Live - Atlanta, GA

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During a recent interview It’s tactical with Raquel Harper Podcasts, Wild ‘n out The host opened up about his thoughts on the legal union, asking if he was considering remarrying after a 2016 divorce from Maria Kerry.

Surprisingly, Canon isn’t too interested in the traditional, legal definition of marriage, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be committed to a loved one in any other, more personal way.

“I mean, the thing is, it depends on who you’re talking to,” Nick replied. “The government is involved with me, like the whole paperwork? Nah, but if it’s something on a spiritual or overall ritual, I’m here for it. “

He kept saying, “We can go to a party somewhere. Why would the government be involved in your love life?” It seems so bizarre to me … ‘Because if you go to the core of it, it’s actually a business and to combine business and love, I feel it, it’s hard to get involved. “

Despite his hatred for government involvement in these unions, Cannon confirmed that his marriage to Maria Kerry was still a happy time in his life.

“It was one of the biggest experiences of my life, and it’s okay to end it, okay, if I can’t do it right, why go back?” The Masked singer Said the host. “You know what, once I put everything in front of me, I have to present something I’ve never seen or felt before so that I can be willing to go back to doing something. “

Host Raquel Harper backtracked on her statement, saying the mothers of Canon’s children may find the remark disappointing, but Nick was not so worried.

“No, because it’s not about them,” he explained. “It simply came to our notice then. Anyone who is married knows what it is – you are literally entering into a partnership that says when the two become one and I know I’m not ready for it. “

Listen to the whole episode It’s tactical with Raquel Harper Above.

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