Nick Cannon has revealed that he recommended a vasectomy

After seven babies (a bun in the oven), Nick Cannon is finally looking for some contraceptives.

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As Wild ‘n out The creator spoke to the multi-hyphenate, ready to welcome his eighth child into the world And! News’ Daily Pop About what The future of his family will look after the birth of his child with his girlfriend, Bray Taisi.

“I don’t know if I designed it that way, but it’s one of those things when you bless kids with gifts – and we all know, I’ve gone through a lot, I find comfort, I find peace in my children and I purpose. Find out, “said Canon host Justin Sylvester and Lonnie Love.” So, I’m not looking here. “

It was then that Nick revealed that he really wanted to end his ubiquitous child-creation, acknowledging that he was now more focused on caring for the children he had already brought into the world.

“I have already gone and taken my vasectomy advice,” Canon said on May 17 “I don’t want to make the world completely populous, but I look forward to caring and loving all the children I have now.”

As suspected by … well, everyone, Masked singer The host went on to talk openly about how jam-packed her weekend is and how hard it is to see all her children.

“I have the guilt of not having enough time to spend with all my kids, as we all do because we are working and constantly going,” he shared. “Especially now that they are younger. We were doing small leagues with my 5 year old [Golden Cannon] This weekend. We got swimming practice this week. I take my kids to school every morning. I was facetime two weeks ago, [twins Moroccan and Monroe Cannon, 11] They had a birthday party. We have closed six flags. “

Speaking of Moroccans and Monroe, who shared Nick with ex-wife Maria Kerry, Canon also He clarified the original message behind his song “Alone”, which was released on Valentine’s Day and mentioned their wedding. Many thought he was begging for another chance with the elusive Chantius but Nick explained the real meaning.

“It’s not like I wanted him back. I confess that I made a mistake and I lost one of the greatest gifts of my life, “he explained. “The song was, you know, ‘I’m a bad guy this and the bad thing that ends up leaving me alone and he left me alone.’ And obviously, it was a Maria sample and it was. So if you pay attention, I’m really giving it all up in my music and my art because I know people have a lot of questions about my lifestyle and how I move. So, I was, ‘ I might as well keep them in the industry. ‘

See exactly what Nick Cannon said in the video above.

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