Nick Cannon says he spends more time with his kids than the average adult

Nick Cannon She is setting a record for people who question how she is able to spend time with her many children.

The actor and talk show host spoke proudly about his parents’ skills in the latest issue Men’s health. Despite being a father of seven with one on the way, Canon says he is more present in his children’s lives than the average parent.

“If I’m not physically in the same town with my kids, I’m talking to them before they go to school. Facetime And stuff. And then when I’m in the same town, I take my kids to school, like, I pick them up. All these things, ”he shared. Even with so much of his work, Canon says he can make it to his daughter’s guitar lessons every week.

The 41 years old Five women have been investigated by the public for being the father of seven children, soon to be six, as she is expecting a child. Model Bre Tiesi. Rumor has it that she is expecting another child on one side with Taisi on Friday when the model and DJ Abby de la Rosa Announced her pregnancy. Although he did not reveal who the father was, he welcomed the twins to Canon last year, leaving fans to speculate that he was the lucky man.

Regardless of the never ending stream of children, Canon says he doesn’t care if he has more children, although people often ask him about it.

“These are questions I don’t ask. I really don’t even sit around and think about it. I’m just trying to be the best dad I can be and the best provider I can be, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.DrumlineThe star explained her cover issue during the interview.

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