Nick Saban has publicly accused top payers of Zimbo Fisher and Dion Sanders.

During a meeting with the Boosters, Nick Saban accused Texas A&M coach Zimbo Fisher of buying their # 1 recruiting class through the NIL deal, and claimed that Dion Sanders and Jackson State had hired more than মিল 1 million.

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Last night, Nick Saban turned the college football world on his head. While in a public setting, Saban claimed that the number one recruiting class at Texas A&M was not for hard work, but that NIL contracts promised hiring. Just to make it clear, this is the worst kind of snatching that anyone can throw away. Also, remember: the coach of one of the most influential programs in college football in the last decade has said this because he is # 2.

Dion Sanders was caught with a misleading bullet because Saban Rumor had it that he paid Travis Hunter over $ 1 million to play in Jackson State.

The response came as soon as Nick Soap’s comments came online.

Once the comments went online, social media quickly hit hard on Nick Saban with “I know you’re not talking.” Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher set a press conference this morning when Dion Sanders woke up and tweeted that he would address everything today.

Apparently trembling Jimbo climbs on stage and makes a personal attack on Nick Soap.

Everyone was tuned in to Zimbo Fisher’s press conference today and the boy he delivered. As soon as he sat down he picked up the slander, went straight to the soap and told reporters that they should look at his past and see who he was. Remember: Jimbo has worked directly under soap for several years, so if Jimbo has a dark past, so does soap.

First, it’s a shame we have to do it. It’s really disgusting. It’s reprehensible for anyone to say anything about someone … seventeen year olds … saying they’ve broken state laws, that we “bought” every player on this team. We have never bought anyone, we have not broken any rules. Nothing was wrong. The ethics in which we work, these families, it is reprehensible that a respected head coach can come out and say this when he does not get his way. The narcissist in her doesn’t let those things happen and it’s ridiculous when she’s not at the top. The parody he talks about in college football, talk to the coaches who coach him. You will find all equality. Talk to those who have worked for him. We’ve fixed things, we’ve always fixed things

“Some people think they’re God … God knows how to dig his deal. You can learn a lot about a guy you don’t want to know. Wandering. You can find out what you want to find out, what he does and how he does it. It’s reprehensible. It’s a shame we have to sit here and have this conversation about what we’re doing. It’s our personal. And M’s personal, it’s the personal of our players, it’s the personal of our coaches and everyone involved, and I know the guy.I know him really well.It’s amazing that we’re allowed to do those things.

While Zimbo closed his scandal, Dion Sanders has not yet responded, but promises he will in the next 24 hours. For now, you can watch Jimbo’s full press conference below, because it’s not good enough to read, you need visuals to understand his rage.

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