Nicki Minaj has signed a new multi-year deal with Maximbet and Maxim Magazine

Nicki Minaj As she enters her new role, she will introduce women to the lucrative world of sports betting Global Ambassador of Maximbat.

The company, which has Maxim’s sports gambling leg, named Nicki Minaj as the “First Lady of Sports Betting”. Tuesday. In addition to being Maximbat’s global ambassador, he will also fulfill Nicky’s role Adviser to the Board of Directors And an investor and stakeholder.

Also part of the deal, Minaj has been named creative director of Maxim Magazine. She will lend her “sexy, funny, and fashion-forward expression” not only to the betting arena, but also to the publication, which has been going on ever since. 1995.

Maximbet is considered a “lifestyle sports betting brand” that rewards players with a unique and luxurious experience. The “Super Bus” Icon will work closely on exclusive merchandise, glamorous parties and other elements that will combine entertainment with sophisticated sports betting.

Daniel Gretzer, CEO of Maximbat, Welcoming Minaj to the team and praising her for her upcoming contributions.

“His role as a strategic adviser to Maximbet will be invaluable to us. He has created one of the most powerful brands in the world, his own, “Gretzer said in a statement.

The Grammy-nominated rapper She also shared a number of Instagram posts about her custom rocking swimsuit, giving fans a glimpse of what’s going to happen.

The 39 years old Beyond being a musician, his empire continues to grow. In March, he announced that he would soon launch his own record label and management company. He has even revealed that he has already started compiling a list of his artists, which will be announced soon after the release of his highly anticipated album, nicknamed “NM5”.

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