Nike has launched a re-creation program that renews the brand’s vintage pieces

Nike Launching a recreation program and rebuilding the brand’s future by recycling Nike products and creating new designs.

According to a Nike press release, The program will collect pieces of vintage and dead stock so that they can be converted into new locally made products. Here are the initiatives:

  • The Nike Re-creation program collects vintage and dead stock pieces locally, using them to design and create new products locally.
  • Nike re-creation is another way in which Nike is creating new solutions to advance a circular approach and pursue the ultimate goal of a zero-carbon, zero-waste future.
  • The first chapter of the Nike Re-creation program contains three iconic fleece hoodies and crew silhouettes inspired by LA Sport Culture and will be dropped exclusively at Nike’s The Grove Store.
Nike has launched a re-creation program that turns the brand's vintage pieces into new products
Credit: Nike

The program develops a new way for Nike to go green by turning waste material into new products.

The program exemplifies Nike’s collaborative approach, bringing together experts to design and learn about design, retail, supply chain and sustainability. ”

Re-creation follows Nike Grind, Nike Refurbished, and Nike Recycling & Donation Initiatives, furthering Nike’s innovative vision of a circular future.

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