Noella Bergner’s RHOC Reunion Reggae, Rookie Mistake shared

RHOC's Noella Bergner reveals that she met her boyfriend 3 years ago, clarifying the timeline of the relationship between James's erratic divorce, plus reflection in the debut season

Noella Bergner He wanted to get peace The real housewife of Orange County Season 16 Reunion. Unfortunately, while tapping into that mentality, he was finally left with a big regret.

Noella, who joined the Bravo reality series in 2021, admits before opening up about her Rocky mistakes and the biggest splurge she made, that when it came to reunions, she had something to say to a customer that she had come back to.

“There was a moment of reunion,” Noella admitted in the May 23 episode Housewife to housewife. “I was so well behaved because I really wanted to go there with a healing attitude and in the end we became friends so I let a lot of things slide that still haunt me.”

According to Noella, he wants to “call out” a special moment from a particular moment, although he did not disclose what that moment was. That said, he has teased a future revelation.

“So [I have] Regret in the sense that I just wanted to be in a stronger position so that I could speak my mind a little more. [But] I could be a pull [Margaret Josephs] And just hold on to it. There is a receipt. Timing is everything, ”he shared, agreeing to Margaret’s release Bill AydinIts past events in its premiere episode The real housewife of New Jersey Season 12.

In addition to regretting some reunions, Noella also believes she made a big mistake in her first year.

“I really went into my season for friendship and I think it was a little silly,” he explained. “I was going to a very strong group of friends who have been doing this for a long time and where I shared my feelings in a relationship. So it was something that made me feel stronger and smarter. “

When Noella was asked about her recent biggest splurge, she revealed some weird buys.

“I’m crazy about fresh plants. They’re so high maintenance. I like it even though it’s probably a bit for maintenance. It makes me very happy, “she said of her love for botany.

Also during the Bravo Special, Noella looked back on her first moments on the show, saying that when she started bragging about her life and ending her relationship with her estranged husband James BergnerHis attempts to portray his “most perfect image” were not entirely effective.

“When I first entered, I was proud of a husband who disappeared just a few days later to reach your headspace where you just want to express your most perfect image and you want to be well received and you want it new friends. The group is there to worship you and to see you with all this admiration and respect, “Noella explained.

“But it’s a reality and you have to deal with those deep issues at some point,” he added.

The real housewife of Orange County Season 17 is expected to go into production later this year.

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