NORE is urging rappers not to interview hip-hop media

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It has been killed with NORE Get champs REVOLT’s podcast is becoming one of the premiere hip-hop podcasts. Recently, guests like Kanye West, Pusha T, A7 AP Rocky and Snoop Dogg have come to him. The format of the show is an intimate conversation with a colleague about drinking which is always sure to provide iconic hip-hop stories.

NORE is urging rappers not to interview hip-hop media

Last night, Norega took to Twitter to expose the artists to the big media platforms and to avoid hip-hop altogether. David Letterman was one of the outlets he mentioned and people were quick to bring Cardi BK into the mix as he appeared on the latest episode of the host’s Netflix show. However, hip-hop outlets or even black outlets are not a new source of frustration for journalists.

Entertainment journalists have been talking about this for years. For example, there’s a long pattern of advertisers on the movie’s red carpet that takes their clients past black outlets for more mainstream outlets.

The problem may be among the people who manage the talent schedule or the talent may feel that they are “too good” but have to give something up. In our culture, we have a lot of podcasts that dominate the charts by avoiding them and ignoring viewers which helps to encourage their craft.

Norega made it clear in the air this morning that he was not isolating Cardi BK to provoke a potential beef.

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