NYC is planning multiple tributes for the infamous BIG on its 50th birthday

New York City Will respect The infamous BIG On the late rapper 50th birthday With a massive celebration.

The party will begin Saturday, May 21, With various tributes throughout the city. The Empire State Building Inside Manhattan Red and white will illuminate for BIG

An illuminated crown will also revolve around the 102-story building, reminding visitors everywhere that “Another chance” The rapper is still the undisputed hip-hop “King of New York.”

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority There will be a special edition Metrocard With Biggie’s analogy for special days. The Metrocard will be available to all transit users or fans who request it as a safeguard. Amazon Music Will also provide a unique QR code that will unlock custom Instagram filters in honor of the late rapper.

Before the day of celebration begins, Bigger’s mother, Voletta Wallace, And children CJ and Tayanna Wallace Speak at one event Empire State Building On Friday, May 20th. Such as other family members and close friends Lil Kim And Lil off, Also expected to be present.

Also, [RE]Discover Has been grouped with Make the world beautiful To unveil all new Biggie murals at each borough New York City.

This weekend will not be the only upcoming honor for the rapper. On June 10The Lincoln Center BIG will host a free black-tie orchestral tribute, and the show will be streamed live on Amazon Music’s Twitch channel. On the same day, Bad Boy / Atlantic / Rhino Records The Notorious BIG will release a vinyl version of the critically acclaimed album, “Life after death.” The 25th Anniversary Box Set will include a booklet with 8 LPs and a rare photo of the Brooklyn MC, a liner note, and the team that helped assemble the album.

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