Officials have questioned the police’s inaction during the Texas school shooting in more detail

As more details emerge Rob Primary School More questions are being raised about the activities of the police officers that day.

Gunman Salvador Ramos He was inside the school for more than an hour before officers shot and killed him. At that time, he tragically killed 19 children and two teachers in a fourth grade classroom.

The inaction of law enforcement officers can lead to the possibility of lawsuits, disciplinary action or criminal charges.

Uvalade school district police chief Peter Aredondo Believing the attack was over and told officers to wait. Officers waited in the school hallway as a result of the police chief’s decision to consider the situation a “barricaded subject” rather than an “active shooter.” Authorities believe Ramos was barricaded in an adjoining classroom and was no longer an active shooter.

Officials have given this information Auxiliary printing press Officers from other agencies were requesting the school police chief to allow them into the school. They believed that the children were in danger. Audio recordings from the scene revealed that officers were telling the chief that the shooter was still active and needed to be stopped. The chief ignored their request.

Governor Greg Abbott initially praised the law enforcement but then publicly said he was confused about the timing of the police response. He promised an investigation.

“The bottom line is: why didn’t they choose the strategy that would be best to get in there and eliminate the killer and rescue the children?” He said.

Police officers are rarely charged with school shootings. The AP noted that the only exception was the resource officer who hid during the 2018 shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The shooting killed 16 people.

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