Ohio Attorney General Yoost released the annual Missing Children Clearinghouse Report,

Ohio Reported that 415 children Reports of missing persons remain unaccounted for for their state last year.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost Which made a startling revelation on Wednesday National Missing Children’s Day. His office has revealed 2021 Ohio Missing Children Clearinghouse Report, Which has revealed 14,027 children are reported missing Last year in the state. Of these, Six were found dead, while 13,606 were found safe. When 97% were responsible for the baby, The family is still waiting for the status of 415 children.

Almost The case of missing children involved 9,000 fugitives Those who left home voluntarily without permission and stayed away for at least one night. Fifty-one cases Involving the abduction of a child by a non-custodial parent who hid the child from another parent, and ঘটনা Involved in 11 kidnappings by strangers Surprisingly enoughOnly 14 amber alert And Five endangered children missing warning It was issued by Ohio law enforcement last year. All of those warnings have been recovered.

A separate report has been issued February 2022 By Yoost The office shows that time Black children make up about 16% of the state’s population, they make up 61% of missing children In Ohio

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