Omari Hardwick says he did not create “what he should have” while playing ‘Ghost’

Omari Hardwick He made 150,000 in one episode while playing James St. Patrick in the Hit Stars series. PowerAdd that 50 cents At that time he lent her money twice.

Longtime actor Omari Hardwick has recently appeared Pivot The podcast, where she talked about various topics, including her acting career, her decision to marry outside the race, and her favorite role as a “ghost” character. Power. When discussing PowerHardwick says he never made up his mind.

“I do not know what to do. I haven’t made money yet – no, money, I’ve never done what I should have done. Never, “said Harwick. “Duration. It’s happening now, finally. ”

When Pivot Co-host Ryan Clark tried to guess how much Hardwick Power made, he picked up the salary for the lead role of Angela Bassett in the Fox series. 9-1-1.

Angela Bassett earns $ 250,000 9-1-1; He is the highest paid, “said Clark.

“She earns $ 250,000 a week?” Asked Hardwick.

“So, you have to make – at least – $ 150,000,” Clark said.

“No, then you’re right,” said Hardwick. “It simply came to our notice then. But, I was also the face of the network. Angela is not the face of that network. She’s one of the best actresses of all time, but she’s not the face of that network. “

Then the business mogul talks about how he repaid 50 percent – Power’s executive producer and co-star – after the business mogul lent him money twice.

“I think he really respects shit from me forever, we didn’t teach it in our community. We rarely give back to anyone, “said Hardwick.

“So once we hit for money, and I’m financially stable at the moment, once we hit for money we don’t expect it back. … So to return to 50 with interest, I was very proud to be able to do it. And it was early! He thought, ‘Damn, you can’t be fooled, you need money!’ He went on to say that FIF had given him 20,000 20,000 and “the next summer he gave me 23 23,000.”

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