One person was killed and two others were injured in the shooting at Xavier University

Police line tape

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According to NOPD News, a shooting took place after the graduation ceremony of Maurice Jeff Community School on Xavier University campus. It marked the shooting of at least a fourth public shooting with multiple victims in the past two weeks. For clarity, a “mass shooting” is defined by the Congressional Research Service as an incident of gun violence that kills four or more people. The number of deaths is somewhat arbitrary in the definition but the current ubiquitous term has been interpreted at this time.

Christopher Goodley, deputy superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department, gave CNN a detailed account of the incident.

“Apparently there was a fight between the two women,” Goodley said. “After this fight, the people made weapons and were shot.”

Sadly, one of the injured women died from her injuries after being taken to hospital.

Several people were reportedly detained and questioned after the shooting, but no arrests have been made so far. Maurice Jeff, head of the school, Patricia Parkins, apologized for the violence but issued a statement raising the issue of graduates.

“Morris Jeff is a strong school community and we will come together to help heal each other,” Parkins said. “Every day, we teach our children to resolve their differences and empathize with each other through their words. Our graduates will make a difference in this world because they learn to see each other as equal people. This determination is even stronger after today’s violence. “

We will have more information as it becomes available.

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