Open Kardashian still defends Tristan Thompson post-paternity scandal,

Khloé Kardashian really wants to convey to us (or, perhaps, myself) that Tristan Thompson is a good man, albeit his favorite pastime পরে after basketball-despite him being fooled.

Remy Martin celebrates Tristan Thompson's birthday at Beauty & Essex

Source: Gerrit Clark / Getty

After years of breakups and make-up for the duo, usually due to Thompson’s betrayal, fans finally thought Kardashian had given up her dream of keeping her family together after having a baby Tristan with Houston coach Marali Nichols. Although the couple may not be back together, Kholo is again defending her on-front, off-again boyfriend, saying the public is not secretive about all her “good side”.

The “good aspects” you are talking about are still waiting to be seen.

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