‘Our people, people. Sometimes I get very sick among them. ‘ [Video]

Shannon Sharp Responds to beatings of people online Bronny James To have a white prom date: “Our people, people. Sometimes – I sometimes make them very sick.”

Earlier this month, Brunnie’s name started trending online after pictures of her and her white prom date were released. During an on-the-street interview with TMZ, Sharpe was asked for his opinion on some of the unpleasant reactions Bruni received.

“People love someone of a different color than you are with someone of your own race. It’s so ridiculous. I read the comments. People have to get a life,” Sharp told TMZ.

He then said that people need to let Bronny be happy and added that he “got it.”

“It simply came to our notice then. If that doesn’t make her happy, who will tell her who she should be with because it’s not her race, “said Sharp. “Our people, people. Sometimes – I get too sick for them because it’s ridiculous. “

He then went on to say that people may be unhappy because they have chosen to live with someone of their own race rather than with someone of their choice. “Let the man be happy. That’s your problem. You went with one because they are black, it doesn’t make you happy. But since society says we should have our own race, that’s what you’re willing to do. “

He goes on to say: “Bronny can’t live his life for anyone else. He has to live for it. And, a lot of people live their lives for other people,” Sharp said.

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