Owai Regrowth Serum Review: What I Really Think About Growth Items

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As a beauty writer, I like nothing more than singing praises for a product that actually works. In a market that is so full of products, my main goal is to get my hands on as many products as possible in the hope of finding gold stars out of a bunch that actually works.

Hair growth serums and vitamins seem to be popping up in more online ads and stores these days than ever before and I’ve tried my fair share of them. After I started living alone (and there was no one but me to blame for the hair loss!), I realized that every time I wash my hair, I lose more than before. I had to spend virtually every day sweeping loose strands from my hardwood floor. Just a few months ago I was using a scalp oil that promised rejuvenation, but it left me with a raw scalp that actually burned out when I tried to touch it. I was annoyed but did not give up my mission to find a product that actually works.

When I heard that Ouai was coming up with a serum-vitamin combo that promised less shedding and more hair growth, I knew I had to try it. My scalp was fried from another oil that I was using, so to add to the humiliation of the injury, I was also working with flakes in my hair. Ouai Hydrating Scalp Serum does not use common ingredients found in other hair serums, such as castor oil. It is made with peptide, hyaluronic acid (!) And red clover flower extract to soothe the scalp. My scalp had a major need for moisture, so I was tempted by the promise of hydrochloric acid hydration.

If the brand name sounds familiar, it’s because Jane Atkin, Kardashian’s go-to stylist, created it. And, as we all know, if anything comes with Kardashian’s approval, it has to be good. So my expectations were much higher.

Owai Hydrating Scalp Serum

Courtesy of Sephora.

Owai Hydrating Scalp Serum

When you apply Live-in Serum every day and pop one of the WoWy vitamins into the tandem, the brand says you’ll see results within 90 days, but I have to say I started seeing results within the first week. One week after taking the vitamin and applying the serum (I applied it to a clean scalp every time I washed my hair), I noticed about 1/3 less showers in the shower. I also started noticing the crown of my head and the short hairs lining the side of my scalp where the hairs are the thinnest.

You can see me holding my new hair growth in the photo below:

Britney Leitner

Courtesy of Brittany Leitner.

But perhaps the best and most unexpected benefit is that my hair has become noticeably less oily. Even in winter, I usually have to wash my hair every day, it is so greasy. Sometimes I even see it greasy after just a few hours of washing.

Since I started with the Owai Serum and Vitamin Combo, I can wash my hair every day, which may not sound like much, but is life-changing for me. I have friends who wash their hair only three to four times a week, and I admit that it will never be mine, but even being able to push every day has made a difference for me.

Owai complements thick and full hair

Courtesy of Sephora.

Owai complements thick and full hair

I’ve been using this combo for about a month now, but I can’t wait to see more results and more growth in three months. If you are looking for something that will soften your scalp, increase regeneration, stop shedding and actually balance the pH on your scalp so that it looks less oily, this product combo is a great place to start.

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