Hailey Beaver Makeup 2022: Every product she uses for a natural look

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While we can’t wait for Haley Bieber’s Road Skincare line to launch, we’re taking a moment to highlight some of the models. Favorite beauty products. We have already covered Her complete skin care sequence, Above all. He is at the top of many trends, such as “Sunburn blush“And Fluffy model eyebrows We die to find out exactly what he uses. Fortunately, we didn’t have to dig too deep because Mrs. Beaver shares her routine with fans all the time.

Thanks Hailey’s tick, We were able to compile an extensive list of makeup products that she actually uses regularly. Whenever she posts a GRWM, she chooses the no-makeup makeup look she’s known for, but in every video, she seems to be mixing her products.

And while you might expect a celebrity lineup to include a bunch of more high-end brands, nothing in this roundup will cost you more than $ 90 (cha-ching !!). Hailey is indeed the queen of an affordable makeup brand and we appreciate her even more. To a $ 20 make up for ever lip pencil That immediately plumps the look of your pout $ 90 bronzer and highlighter palette It will brighten your skin like a star, we are sure you will find one or two things to add to your makeup routine.

No matter what you choose, Hailey’s best picks will make you look like a dewy beauty all summer long. Below, find 10 makeup products Hailey Bieber Stan.

Related: Hailey Bieber has specific guidelines for each skincare product: $ 4 Leap Left to $ 400 Face Sculptor

Cosas Reveler Concealer

Photo: Kosas.

Cosas Reveler Concealer

Don’t sleep Revealer concealer of Kosas. Hailey Bieber continues to use it in her TikToks GROUP And that’s probably because it’s a medium-coverage concealer, eye cream and spot treatment all together. It’s so good at brightening and smoothing that the brand calls it “Light bulbs for your skin

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminating Cream Face Palette Sephora

Photo: Tom Ford.

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminating Cream Face Palette

Hailey is known for her shiny-donut skin and dewy makeup. To add all the glow to her face, she uses Tom Ford’s Shade and Illuminating Cream Face Palette. “I really like the creamy highlighter. This one is really beautiful, ”he explained TikTok Makeup Tutorial.

He did this with a YouTube video Enjoy, He uses palettes for both his bronzer and highlighter. Hailey is truly the queen of versatility, as you can see her tapping the bronzer wherever you want, as well as her eyelids.

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Pencil In Anywhere Caffeine

Photo: Make up for ever.

Make up for ever artist color pencil

The model can’t stop gushing over Make up for ever artist color pencil. A TikTok tutorial“Everyone knows I like it,” she says Caffeine lip liner anywhere

“I like anything multi-purpose, I think I’ve said it before. It just gets me, “Hailey said in another Tick ​​tock. “But in this instance, I’m using it for my lips so I can overline them as always.” In addition to using it as a lip liner, you can use the product to blush, contour your cheekbones, or create fine wings on your eyelids.

Olio e oso lip and chic tinted left gup

Photo: Oil and bones.

Lips and cheeks tinted left oil and bones

Hailey has been rocking the “wrong sunburn” blush trend lately In one of them TikToksShe uses this Versatile Balaam Give her cheeks a beautiful, natural look flush. Her favorite shade, Apricot, is not in stock almost everywhere, but we found it available for shopping here. Gup.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick on Pillow Talk Sephora

Photo: Charlotte Tilbury.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick

It’s no secret that Haley has one of the best pouts in Hollywood. With lining following her lips Make up for ever artist color pencilShe arrives for Charlotte Tilbury’s Iconic Pillow Talk Lipstick. “I’m just going to put it on my fingers and dab on it. I love this lip combo. I like lip combos that seem to match the natural color of my lips, “she said in one. Tick ​​tock.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder Sephora

Photo: Laura Marcier.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

Although the model prefers wet looking skin, she sets her makeup look with a powder. He deletes Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting PowderA cult-favorite, one of them above his T-zone TikToks.

Cossus Cloud Set Setting Powder

Photo: Kosas.

Cossus Cloud Set Setting Powder

If loose powder is not your cup of tea, she loves it too Kosas cloud set setting powder. “It’s really for any area that I feel a little oily, which is mostly a T-zone area,” Haley explained. Tick ​​tock group.

Milk Makeup Cush Fiber Eyebrow Gel Sephora

Photo: Milk makeup.

Milk Makeup Cush Fiber Eyebrow Gel

Mrs. Bieber has brought to you the perfectly brushed arches Kush fiber eyebrow gel for milk makeup. It has thickening fibers that make it easy for you, in the air, Full eyebrows Models like Haley are on everyone’s radar. You can see in it Tick ​​tockYou need one or two swipes of this eyebrow gel to literally regenerate her eyebrows.

Mac Cosmetic Eyeshadow Nordstrom

Photo: Mac Cosmetics.

Mac Cosmetics Eyeshadow

In recent times Tick ​​tock group, Mrs. Bieber Show us how to create the simplest, least eye-catching look. “I don’t usually do too much on my eyes, but I’m going to do it Mac eyeshadow A little bit in the wedge. Just a little something, something. “

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Face Essential Palette

Photo: Make up for ever.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Face Essential Palette

Mrs. Beaver never strayed from the blush. He applied two layers Make up for ever blush A. Tick ​​tock He recently posted. Looks like she chose a deep berry shade from the facial palette.

StyleCaster |  Ashley Benson interview

“For the Love of Jason” Season 2 Trailer

The dramatic nature of the fan-favorite relationship, “For Jason’s Love”Returning to ALLBLK on Thursday, June 2, 2022, the first look at the AMC Network’s popular streaming service for black television and film, and the trailer for BOSSIP.

Of ALLBLK "For Jason's love"

Source: ALLBLK / For the Love of Jason

In the sophomore season of creator and lead cast member Trail Woodberry, the cast is forced to face the consequences of their last season’s activities – or in some cases inaction.

Last season’s finale exploded with a twist, as Jason (Trail Woodbury) celebrates his new and exciting venture with Carmen (Being Kalilah Harris, Grayson Family Christmas, Mary Jane) Pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Brian’s (Being BJ Brit, Mary Jane) And Lacey (Laila Odom, Lifetime Salt-en-Pepa, The Story of Bobby Deberg) Finish with a cliffhanger. Brian his fiance Alicia (Crystal Larte, Into the Woods, Unnatural Selection) Knocking on his door — but then what?

Eric (Karim Grimes, All American, SWAT)(Seems to be the only one to avoid being promoted to principal, new home and spray for her and Lisa with baby fever)Jessica Quintero, Teltel, Save Me From Love)

“For Jason’s Love” Season Two

The drama is not over for Jason and his crew.

A press release reports that Season Two explores Jason’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur, building a co-parental relationship with Carmen and facing the hurdle of navigating her already complicated dating situation … all the way with a baby.

“What if you have kids?” Ask Jason’s date one. “Because it must be a contract breaker!”

Brian, now facing the consequences of his actions, makes a desperate attempt to save his relationship with a life-changing promise that may be impossible to keep. Lacey’s career is booming, but her personal life is in turmoil, as reactions to past activities begin to emerge. And while Eric seems to be thriving, a new coworker at work has piqued his interest … Could it be a confusion that destroys everything? His wife Lisa has a secret suspicion that it could be.

Extra cast this season includes Jackie Harry (Sister, sister), Braille Evans (Wish, being Mary Jane), Pierre Abena (Blackout), Dolly Gray (The Industry Did It), Jasmine Love (Chicago Med), And Tabitha Brown (Chi) Who advised Jason Sage as his therapist.

“What about your personal life, how’s it going?” Ask the therapist. “You know that a child will not replace a relationship.”

Take an exclusive look at the trailer below.

“For the Love of Jason” will return to ALLBLK on Thursday, June 2, 2022 What will you see?

“For the Love of Jason” is produced by Trell Woodberry (T.Wood Productions) in collaboration with Deshawn Plair and Sade Oyinade (Flower Ave. Films). The series is directed by Michael Von Hernandez and Desan Player. And General Manager, Brett Dismook, and NV Love, SVP of Development and Production, also served as Executive Producer for ALLBLK.

Christine Quinn of Sailing Sunset has spoken out against the shooting

Christine Quinn of Sailing Sunset speaks out between the rumors and the harassment

Its future Christine Quinn Still in the air – at least in part. Until recently, his fate at the Oppenheim group was a complete mystery, and he was left in a cliffhanger in the season finals. After the episode was dropped, viewers were left speechless, not sure Sell ​​the sunset The ‘villain’ will hold his place.

After avoiding Season Five Reunion, Christine was removed from the firm’s website. Rumors of his shooting spread on the fanbase. Many believe he was canned because of the bribery scandal.

“What’s more, I started my own brokerage a year and a half ago,” Christine E said in an interview! News’ Daily Pop. “My husband [Christian Richard] And I started RealOpen.com, so it’s a platform to facilitate home sales through cryptocurrency, and sellers get a cash transaction, so it’s like a cable. “

Because of the changed circumstances, Christine said that season six could be a “brokers war” – her firm vs. their firm.

Regarding the allegation that he faked Covid to evade the reunion, Christine shared, “I tested positive. [for the coronavirus]I had a campaign the next day. For example, at the end of the day I need to get my bag. So, I was fine. I didn’t miss a thing. “

The star said he had “no time to apologize … like, no,” he added. “Everything I do is done intentionally, and if there’s something I like, ‘You know? Maybe I’ve hurt someone’s feelings,’ I’m sure. If I really want to say it, I’ll apologize, but too much time.” No. “

Christine proudly refers to herself as “B *** H”.

“I think it’s a very strong word,” he said. “It’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m that B ***H. I have that power. ‘ I love it. When people call me ab ** h, I think, ‘I’m doing something right. You are being remembered. ‘ And I love it. “

Now that the reunion is over, Christine is revealing more and more. In the comments section of a recent TikTok video, the star says he’s “finished.” [her] The contract was signed a few weeks before the shooting [the reunion]”

The video was a reunion clip where Jason Oppenheim His farm did not have “a place for him.” “In the future,” he said, “if he takes real estate seriously, if I understand his approach to things. There are many reasons why I would consider him a place in the Oppenheim group.”

He continued, “But I have to say right now, there’s no place.”

Jason’s shadow is almost clear. His feelings towards the former employee have improved slightly since the completion. Only time will tell how the story unfolds.

Its exact nature How Christine left the brokerage still to solve a puzzle. Season six will probably provide the missing parts – while preparing viewers for the “battle” to come.

Amber Hardy responds to Johnny Depp Pupping’s claim in trial, abuse

An unfortunate accident. Amber Hard has denied that she pissed on Johnny Depp’s bed in a defamation suit against her. Amber stood on the stand on May 16, 2022, after a week’s break to tell her side of the alleged prank story.

“First of all, I don’t think it’s funny. I don’t know what an old woman does. I wasn’t in the mood for fun either. My life was falling apart, “he explained.” I was attacked on my 30th birthday by my violent husband with whom I was desperately in love. I knew I needed to leave. It wasn’t a really happy time. And I thought it was fun No. Duration. Annoying. “

Johnny’s executive chauffeur and security guard, Sterling Jenkins III, testified in court on April 28, 2022, where she recalls an alleged incident where Amber pranked her then-husband before leaving for Cochlea in April 2016. Chaffer testified that when he went to pick up Amber from his room with luggage, he found the stool and “he had a conversation about the surprise left in the boss’s bed.” Sterling claims that Amber called the incident “a terrible practical joke.”

Johnny explained the discovery in his testimony on April 28, 2022. “I am Mr. [security guard Sean] Bett said, ‘She’s in Cochlea. I think it’s a good time to go downtown so I can get some of my things and get them out of there, especially the things that were valuable to me. ” 21 Jump Street Star withdrawal. “And he said, ‘I don’t think now is the right time to go.’ And I thought, ‘This is the right time. He won’t be home for two days. Then he showed me a picture on his telephone … It was a picture of our bed and there was human feces next to my bed.’

Amber allegedly blamed Johnny’s weed, which caused intestinal problems, on the defecation of their dog. However, hE denied that it would be human feces because it was “so out there, so bizarre and so horrible that I could only laugh.” The two are owned by a Yorkshire Terrier whose average weight is about four pounds. “I used to live with those dogs,” Depp said. “I picked up their funk. It wasn’t a dog.”

The defamation suit against Amber Hard began on April 11, 2022, two years after Johnny filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife for writing an op-ed. The Washington Post That describes domestic abuse. Johnny claims that Op-Aid paid him for his role as Pirates of the Caribbean and is suing Amber for $ 50 million. Many of Johnny’s ex-husbands have reacted to allegations such as Winona Ryder, Vanessa Paradis and Jennifer Gray.

If you or someone you know has experienced domestic violence, help is available. Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE (7233) for confidential assistance.

New Entertainment Newsletter

Basketball Wives Season 10 Premier Exclusive

VH1’s “Basketball Wives” is back, and first debuted at tonight’s BOSSIP premiere.

Basketball Wives Season 10

Source: Basketball Wives / VH1

The 10th season of the hit series, as previously mentioned, is a “completely new ball game since the women are back and ready for the plane”. Threatens.

This season we will see veteran cast members Jackie, Malaysia and Jennifer …

Basketball wife

Source: VH1 / Basketball Wives

Basketball wife

Source: VH1 / Basketball Wives

Basketball wife

Source: VH1 / Basketball Wives

Brandy, Angel, Duffy, Brooke and MVPs from past seasons of British as well as the presence of Shawnie, Nia and Noria.

Basketball wife

Source: VH1 / Basketball Wives

Basketball wife

Source: VH1 / Basketball Wives

Basketball wife

Source: VH1 / Basketball Wives

Basketball wife

Source: VH1 / Basketball Wives

Basketball wife

Source: VH1 / Basketball Wives

An official release notes that we will follow boss women as they focus on their families, relationships and business ventures and create a better future by clearing their past.

“I can’t say how proud I am to have created and created such a successful television franchise with VH1,” said Shawnie O’Neill, executive producer. “Basketball Wives has gone beyond and beyond my biggest dream. How great is it to be called Tune In in Season 10? 10 ?! ‘”

“Basketball Wives” Season 10 Exclusive Clip

In an exclusive clip from tonight’s Season 10 premiere, we see Jackie, Jennifer, Angel, Malaysia, and Duffy getting stylish and beautiful for their first BBW interview.

Basketball Wives Season 10

Source: VH1 / Basketball Wives

“We’re bringing it back, you know?” Angel says.

Basketball Wives Season 10

Source: VH1 / Basketball Wives

Meanwhile, Malaysia is happy to be back where he is.

“Honey, I’m home!” Malaysia says.

Then we see a reflection of Shawnie O’Neill in ten seasons of the show.

“Seasons change, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that sisterhood never fades,” Shawni said as we listened to the jump of colleague Jackie Christie.

Basketball Wives Season 10

Source: VH1 / Basketball Wives

“But what I’ve learned in this basketball Wives World কখনও sometimes all those combs go out the window,” Christie added, when women were seen inviting her to her 26th wedding.

Basketball Wives Season 10

Source: VH1 / Basketball Wives

Basketball Wives Season 10

Source: VH1 / Basketball Wives

Jackie apparently continues her tradition of marrying her husband, Doug Christie, to an extravagant bash every year.

Basketball Wives Season 10

Source: VH1 / Basketball Wives

Do you think that we will see “Kumbaya” in her splendid wedding – or that all will go out the window when these women get together? We have a feeling it could be next …

Take a look at the exclusive look at “Basketball Wives” Season 10 below.

“Basketball Wives” premieres tonight, Monday, May 16 at 8 PM ET / PT on VH1.

“Basketball Wives” is produced by Truly Original and Shade Media. The executive producers from Truly Original are Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Lauren Hutton-Lawson, Julie “Bob” Lombardy, Lindy Brown, Marcus Burns, Vinnie Kaufmann and James Davis. Angela Liao, executive in charge of production. Shaunie O’Neal also works as an executive producer. Jennifer Aguirre and Paula Arunda are executive producers for VH1.

Be sure to join the conversation using #Basketballwives on social media And follow the official Basketball Wives Instagram account Stay updated with all the juicy news this season.

Does the ‘RHONJ’ cast think Teresa Goodis should be released?

Does the RHONJ cast think Teresa Goodis should be released?  Margaret suggests Lewis wants to be famous because he admits he can "Come back" From the feud

Teresa Judis And Luis RuelasRelationships were a hot topic throughout its 12th season The real housewife of New Jersey. And while many feel that the show is not the best thing for their romance, its customers don’t think they will walk away from the show.

After the finale, Teresa’s co-stars responded to Lewis’s explosion, Margaret Josephus Lewis prefers fame over Teresa and Jackie Goldsnyder Doubts that neither side will leave the series, even if doing so is for the benefit of their relationship.

“I liked that he said, ‘Let’s go.’ I looked at it, ‘I’ll save you from this. Let’s go. Let’s get out of here. You don’t have to do that anymore. You don’t have to work if you don’t want to. I bought you a house. ‘ The pain of Catania It is mentioned in an episode RHONJ: After show.

But when Dolores felt that Louis Teresa wanted to move away from her Nashville and sit with Margaret “too romantic”, Margaret was no less impressed.

“It simply came to our notice then. But that is not true, “he complained. “He’s a d-ck swinger.”

According to Margaret, she didn’t believe what Lewis said because if she did, she “wouldn’t pressure him for an attendance for $ 7,500” and Teresa wouldn’t have to work so hard.

“If he really meant it, he wouldn’t be upset all the time and it wouldn’t be a story. He wouldn’t be so angry, upset and they would jump in,” Margaret said.

In addition to calling Lewis for her supposed infidelity, Margaret claims that Teresa’s fiance loves her new life in the spotlight.

“I think he likes it more than he does,” Margaret claims.

And yet Teresa felt that Lewis was driving her “like that prince”. Melissa Gorga Note that his behavior in Nashville was “very annoying” and “very frustrating.” Afterwards, he mentioned that the couple could walk away from the show if they really wanted to.

“He was just looking at her, ‘Why do we have to answer someone or do it? We don’t actually do that.’ And he’s right. They don’t have to. They can’t really do it unless they want to, “he said.

Meanwhile, when Jackie saw the Nashville scene, he wondered if he and his customers had seen the last of Teresa and Lewis, and he admitted that he would not blame the two of them if they left the show.

“I mean, there’s been a lot of focus on who she loves, and if she wants to save him, it would make the most sense to walk away,” Jackie adds, “but I don’t think they will.” . “

In the other part RHONJ: After showMargaret was asked if she felt that after 12 seasons, she and Teresa had a chance to reunite.

“I think time will tell,” Margaret argued. “[Teresa] It doesn’t look like we’ll ever get back. I think we are both very different people … [But] I want her to be happy. I wish her all the best. Even in the first season, I wanted to help him with the license. I did something and proved myself as a person that I wanted the best for him and he didn’t see it. “

Although Teresa felt that Margaret was about to burst her love bubble, Margaret believed that she was only encouraging her friend to keep an eye on Lewis’ past.

“And what would he say to his other friends if they were in these shoes?” Margaret was surprised when Dolores mentioned that Teresa “says it” if she “thinks no one is good for her friends.”

“She says it all the time,” Margaret confirmed. “I’ve seen him say to other friends in front of his camera life, ‘Oh, he’s a jerk, he’s this’, for much less proof.”

According to Margaret, she believes she and Teresa can finally get to a better place.

“I could come back from it,” he said. “I thought we had a bond, and I thought I understood him. But maybe I don’t understand him the way I thought.”

The real housewife of New JerseyIts three-episode Season 12 Reunion Special will begin next Tuesday, May 3, at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

What to wear on the beach: 2022 summer clothes you need

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If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an approved commission.

Warm weather is almost upon us, folks, which means যদি if you’re lucky আপনার you have an ocean or pool in the immediate future. Whether you are able to go to the sunny beach once in your life or once a week, you are bound to come to the final problem: without a cute bikini or one-piece, What do you wear to the beach??! Seriously – this question has bothered me for years.

Of course, sitting in the sand we all wear swimsuits and sunny clothes, but sometimes, you need more. In times of uncertainty about what to wear when jumping off the incoming tide (or depending on the situation), it’s always a good idea to go to the experts দ্বারা By that I mean “vacation edits” sites like Revolve, Nordstrom and Shopbop. Scroll through numerous sites for inspiration Too much Time dependent so I went ahead and created a comprehensive beach style guide.

From terrycloth sets and bridgy button-down to Instagram-worthy halter dresses, there have never been so many different options for beach wear. Whether you just plan to lie on the sand or take a picture (or 10) for the ‘village’, this beach editing will guarantee that you will wear the best clothes on shore. You need to think about which sunscreen to pack!

What to wear on the beach

Remember when the two piece Juicy Couture Terrycloth Capri set Everything? Is that too niche? Well only the very good trend style comes back and terrycloth set is one of them. Terrycloth is the perfect material for a beach because it’s basically like wearing a towel — any sweat or salt water will be absorbed quickly. Terrycloth can be arranged for the day with casual sandals or spiced up for a fancy dinner with platform shoes. There So Many terrycloth sets are now available from sites like Revolve, Frankie’s Bikini and Paxan so you are bound to find one before heading to the beach.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of boyfriend and friends.

Lana Crop Top

I love this set because it looks sleek and pulls together when you wear both pieces but the skirt doubles as the perfect swimsuit coverup!

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of Good American.

Coco terry button-up shirt

The only outfit that is easier to plan than a two-piece set is a romper. This adorable One-and-Dawn Terrycloth Romper from Good American comes in four colors and is available in 0-8 sizes.

The nets were made for the beach because it really isn’t very suitable for many other settings (and for the whole fishermen’s net purpose). Mesh is a fun way to create a layered look in hot weather — you can add a fake dress to your swimsuit, bralette, or anything if you feel scandalous. The material comes in a variety of knit shapes so you will be able to determine how much skin you want to show.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of LPA.

Lanita crochet mini dress

This tan mini dress is super versatile. You can wear it as a cover-up, a nude dress moment or As a long cardigan laminated over a tank top.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of Zara.

Long mesh dress

I own this orange fake dress and because I’m going to give my personal bias legs Love It made me lay down on top of a chubby bikini and feel comfortable covered while walking through non-beach areas.

A good button-down is a shirt that tends to give. The style fits every familiar aesthetic, including off-duty models, coastal grandmothers, dark academies and beach-goers. Whether a button-down tight or striped, worn with denim shorts or slacks, or stolen from your dad’s closet, it will always look good. For the beach, find a button-down made of lightweight fabric like linen and pair it with vintage-inspired denim shorts.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of free people.

Rag to riches shirt

The blue and green path of this striped button-down will look great by the sea. The back of this shirt is longer than the front which makes it ideal for front thrust situations.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of Universal Thread.

Boyfriend fit linen button-down

This Bridgey Linen button-down from Target comes in at just $ 20 and six colors. It is available in XS-4X format.

Move over the sweater vest, I’m crushing on the sweater dress. Wearing knitted sweater material on the beach may seem counterintuitive, but finely knitted material will make you feel cool (and see). Knit dresses are all about the texture which will complement the sand grain you’ll feel in your toes. These can be trimmed with long sleeves, cut-outs or fringes so there is no single way to nail this style. The best part about a knitted dress is that they are a great option to wear to a beach wedding.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of Line and Dot.

Megan wrapped dress

This chartreuse wrap dress will look even better with a tan. Although the overall shape of the dress is simple, the back has fun criss-cross details and the side slit keeps it flirting.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of Zara.

Knit Peter Pan Collar Dress

Caption Idea: Gilded Glamor Beach? Just kidding. This Peter Pan collar dress has a unique take on the net trend as well as a slight sheer trend.

About 100 Ways to Tie a Scarf You’ve saved TikTok It’s time to upload the video. A large scarf can be either the ultimate beach outfit or accessory. Depending on the size, you can wrap it around your waist, twist it into a top, or wrap it around your head. Scarves take up virtually no space in your suitcase so they are an easy way to maximize your packing room and clothing options. I like to mix and match the scarf pattern and tie a small scarf around my bag to match my outfit.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of Norma Kamali.

Large sized silk bow

This large size bandana scarf from J.Crew is a perfect example of a scarf that can be worn in a variety of ways. Wear it as a strapless top with baggy jeans, cargo pants or a mini skirt and pair the look with strappy heels.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of J. Crew.

Arnie scarf

There are two ways to look at this option – it is either an expensive scarf or a reasonably priced dress. The good news is you both can wear it as well! On the plane wrap it around your shoulders with soft cotton and then wrap it around your waist when you reach the beach.

Halter top was their moment and now it’s time to take a notch thing with a halter dress. In my opinion, a halter is one of the universally flattering silhouettes — the high neck is long and everyone looks good when they have a little extra shoulder to shoulder. Also, if you want to get a little sun, this is a great silhouette to wear on the beach (just make sure the SPF level). Wearing a strapless bra on the beach is annoying so use the halter dress as an opportunity to loosen up (if you understand what I mean).

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of Eloquii.

Halter neck maxi dress

I like the groovy print of this bodycon maxi dress from Eloquii. It will look like a beach cabana with a shimmering bar. It is available in 14-28 plus sizes.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of BCB Generation

Floral halter neck dress

Flowers are not only for spring, they are also for summer! This floral halter dress would be perfect for a beach wedding or a beautiful dinner. Also, the straps are attached to the back of the dress so you don’t have to worry about a skinny halter tie that hits your neck.

If you’re a “picture or not” type of girl (like me), you know how important it is to have a ‘village ready dress’ for every occasion. Fringe is going to be one of the biggest trends this summer and there is no better place to wear it than the beach. I’m personally excited to grow up with the trend and wear fringe sets and full length dresses.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of ASOS Design.

Tiered fringe beach mini dress

This lime green dress is begging to be paired with a margarita and a night of dancing on the beach. This flirty dress also comes in light pink.

StyleCaster |  Beach outfit concept

Courtesy of Beach Rabbit.

Hout summer top

If you have a one-day party on your calendar (or the chance to have a spontaneous party), this strapless fringe top should be at the top of your packing list. Be sure to buy matching skirts.

Stylecaster Newsletter

More performances from Travis Scott, Silk Sonic and the 2022 Billboard Awards

Travis Scott, Megan Thi Stallion, Silk Sonic and many more have closed the Billboard Music Awards stage with their performances this year.

2022 Billboard Music Awards - Show

Source: Ethan Miller / Getty

Last night, the 2022 Billboard Music Awards went live from Las Vegas and DD was hosting, so you know he delivered an amazing show. In addition to the prizes, the performances were the best part of any event and they certainly provided.

Diddy opened the show with a great monologue and a promise; If anyone dares to jump on stage, they manage their affairs better.

DD also promised one thing, “cancel”, “cancel” and bring performances from Travis Scott and Morgan Wallen. Travis Scott has been out of the public eye since the AstroWorld tragedy, and Morgan Wallen has been experiencing more success than ever since he recorded the N-word.

Megan Thi Stalion blessed the stage and made her BBMA debut by serving “Plan B” and “Sweetest Pie”.

You know it’s not a party other than Silk Sonic, which always provides a fun and almost-comedy performance full of energy.

Latto has brought warmth with his “Big Energy” performance.

To celebrate Michael Jackson’s critically acclaimed album Thriller At age 40, Maxwell sang “The Lady in My Life” to his heart’s content.

Todd and Julie Crisley will face trial for bank and tax fraud

Crisley knows Best's Todd and Julie Crisley will face trial for bank fraud and tax evasion as they face up to 30 years in prison for financial crimes.

Todd Crisley And his wife, Julie CrisleyThe bank is going to trial to face charges of fraud and tax evasion.

Nearly three years after the couple was accused of using fake documents to apply for a bank loan, and Julie was charged with submitting a fake credit report and bank statement to rent a house in California, their federal trial is set to begin in Atlanta on Monday.

Page Six shared the news with readers on May 14, revealing that Todd and Julio were injured in a second charge in February. And in the allegations, it is mentioned that they gave up renting just a few months after moving to their California property and they also reportedly used a production company to hide money from the IRS.

News of Todd and Julie’s trial comes just weeks after their USA reality series Crisley knows best Was renewed for a 10th season and their e! Network show Crisley is growing Renewed for a fourth – and just a few days after E! The network has confirmed Todd as the host of their new dating series, Love Limo.

Todd and Julie have been charged with one count each of bank fraud, one count of tax fraud, one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States, and five counts of bank fraud.

In addition, Julie is facing every count of wire fraud and obstruction of justice.

Peter Tarantino, Todd and Julie’s accountant, was charged with two counts of conspiracy to defraud the United States and two counts of intentionally filing false tax returns as defendants, and he will appear in court with them.

All three parties have pleaded not guilty.

At the start of Todd and Julie’s federal trial on Monday, judges are being selected. Then, on Tuesday, it is expected that each party will present its opening statement.

Prior to Todd and Julie’s initial indictment in August 2019, Todd made a statement of innocence on his Instagram page, claiming that a disgruntled former employee who was allegedly caught stealing had brought false documents to the U.S. Attorney’s Office and charged him. Julie of financial crime.

“As a result, it looks like this weekend Julie and I will be named in a federal indictment that will indict us for tax evasion and possibly a bunch of other financial crimes,” Todd wrote at the time.

“I am telling you all this now because we have nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of. Not only do we know we did nothing wrong, but we have a ton of hard evidence and a bunch of convincing witnesses to prove it, “he continued.

Two months after the allegations were made, it was noted that Todd and Julie had reached an agreement with the Georgia Department of Revenue for allegedly evading about $ 2 million in state taxes from 2008 to 2016.

“Todd and Julie were found to have erroneously filed for one year in that period, 2009, and eventually agreed to pay $ 77,000 overdue tax,” a TMZ report explained.

Todd and Julie face up to 30 years in prison for a reported crime.

Billboard Music Awards Look 2022: Doza Cat and Megan Fox Go Space Age

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Let me clarify one thing, if Doza Kat, Kylie Jenner and Megan Fox plan a girl’s trip to outer space, I’ll go with them. The three stars must have worn part of the intergalactic fashionistas with the look of their Billboard Music Awards. If the world doesn’t already revolve around these women, it certainly does now. Between Doza Cat’s satin bag and Kylie Jenner’s alien outline outfit, the red carpet quickly became Hollywood.

The 2022 Billboard Music Awards were held in Las Vegas and everyone in attendance seemed to follow an unofficial Outer Space theme (and I dare say they were more in theme than this year’s Met Gala participants). Music award shows usually bring more attractive red carpet fashion choices than old-time Hollywood classic events like the Oscars – this year, instead of shiny silver gowns and red satin, the stars appeared in unconventional silhouettes, heavy metal accessories and dramatic eye makeup.

StyleCaster |  Billboard shows music awards

Mega agency.

Although the appearance of all places was outside this world, the doza cat costume was in a completely different universe. The The planet is his The singer appropriately leads the space competition with her Shiapareli look. Her gown features cut-out black velvet chest horns (if that’s the right sound) that merely wrap in tulle and reveal a gold paste.

Surprisingly the dramatic cut of her dress was not even the most exciting part of the look. The doza cat is matched with its metallic paste with Shiapareli gold earrings and metal ankle shoes (complete with silver toe polish). He completed the Galactic Ensemble with a gold Saturn bag that was twisted onto a chain from his ring-decorated fingers. Doza Cat picked up four awards last night, including the top R&B artist and album, and I’ll add the best costume to the list.

StyleCaster |  Billboard shows music awards

Mega agency.

Kylie Jenner has taken a more subtle approach to the informal galaxy theme in a simple long-sleeved balmain gown. From a distance, the dress looks deceptively simple but if you look closely, you will see that it outlines a curvy nude figure. With the silvery shade, the body silhouette looks outward.

Like the doza cat, Jenner wore heavy gold accessories, including huge metal bracelets and matching gold shoes. Kylie Jenner attended the awards show with her boyfriend Travis Scott and daughter Stormy (no, Jenner was not nominated for “Rise and Shine”).

StyleCaster |  Billboard shows music awards

Mega agency.

And finally, Megan Fox made it clear that machine gun Kelly would be with her if she ever traveled into space. The pair wore another iconic couple look on the Billboard Music Awards red carpet and, naturally, featured every detail. Megan Fox wore a strapless David Coma gown and admired the outfit with a dramatic thigh slit with a crystal flower on the shoulder.

Fox’s Crystal Detailing was the perfect pair for the machine gun Kelly’s Dolls & Gabbana suite. Between the Swarvoski Crystal Turtleneck, the Spiked Cropped Jacket and the $ 30,000 Diamond Manicure Kelly’s look went a long way (there’s never been so much pressure not to break a nail!). Machine gun Kelly even played the guitar with this manicure during his song performances. Twin Flame At the awards show. He dedicated the performance to his “wife and unborn child” which has fueled rumors of both marriage and pregnancy. It won’t take long for the stylish red carpet pair to become a trio.

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