People think Gori Texas shooting photos should be published

What are you waiting for?

In the wake of the horrific and heartbreaking mass shootings in Uvalade County, Texas, many of us are asking a question; What will it take for America to change the way we prevent these tragedies?

Mourners have visited a memorial to those killed in the Texas school shooting

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David Boardman, The dean of Temple’s Klein College of Media and Communication has an idea of ​​what can help open people’s eyes, but it’s bound to be a controversy. Boardman Hall is one of many journalists and other citizens who believe it is time to begin visualizing the genocide. In other words– ”Let’s post the bloody corpses of the children who were killed to show America how real this is. “

“I couldn’t imagine saying it earlier this year, but the time has come – with the permission of a surviving parent – to show what a slaughtered 7-year-old looks like. Maybe only then will we find more courage than thought and prayer, ”Boardman posted on Twitter.

In an interview with Philadelphia Magazine, Boardman, a former editor of the Seattle Times, described his position in detail and stressed that he would never support a decision made without consulting the victims’ parents.

Here is what he told the magazine:

What really struck me was that it was approaching the 10th anniversary of the shooting of a very similar elementary school in Connecticut and in reality nothing had changed. In fact, in many states, including Texas, it is Easy To buy weapons of mass destruction and to commit such heinous crimes.

So I think, as journalists, we have to face the fact that our textual descriptions of this kind of heinous crime and the pictures of these innocent little children, in the form of their angels, do not move and move citizenship, of course, the way the political machine needs to be moved. So it seems to me that this is a case – and again, I will ask permission from the family to be able to do it, and I will not do it today or tomorrow, I can wait until next week or next week – graphically to the public and, increasingly, to the US. To show members of the U.S. Senate what this kind of devastation looks like.

In 1955, Emmett Till’s mother insisted that her 14-year-old son’s casket be opened and publicly displayed so that America could see the horrors of what white racists were doing to black men in the South. Jet The magazine took a picture of it, which spread across the country and the world, marking a real change in the civil rights movement. I think we are at that time now.

Similarly, journalist Stephanie Ruhel reports that former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Dr. Jeh Johnson Said America “needs an Emmett until the moment.”

35th Anniversary Ellis Island Medal of Honor

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“We have to look at pictures – pictures of innocent children being slaughtered in Texas. The only thing left to do was to wake up America from this defeat and take real action on guns, “Johnson told Ruhel.

So, I understand that where they are coming from, I just think that publishing graphic photos of children who have been shot is hopeful, even with the consent of their parents, will influence lobbyists, conservative politicians and “persuade them.” My cold dead hand “Gun enthusiasts who will never admit that this murder has anything to do with gun access or loose gun law If the reports that have been made aren’t enough, it’s hard for me to believe the horrific pictures of dead children.

Also, recent surveys show that 54 to 60 percent of Americans are already in favor of stricter gun laws, and this has been going on for the past several years. (This point was also raised in the interview, but it is worth repeating.)

And I don’t really like comparing Emmet Till.

Will an Emmet actually help until the moment?

In the case of Emmet, America did not just have to believe that civil rights laws needed to be implemented-It’s a bad thing to start killing black children. (Sometimes I think we’re still trying to make sense of America.) For the most part, even gun owners see what happened at Uwald as a tragedy – they simply refuse to admit that guns are at least part of the problem.

But hey, it’s just a human opinion.

Interestingly, the real Emmett Till Foundation also tweeted about the possibility of sharing the murder for the world to see.

And Nicole Hawkley, mother of Sandy Hook victim Dylan Hawkley, who weighed in. Hawkley, CEO of the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation, is not convinced of the “Emmet Till Moment” idea.

What do you think? Can revealing genocide make a difference? Is it worth a try?

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