‘Period Crunch’ aims to normalize conversations about fetal-shaped serial periods.

To start a conversation about periods at home, a monthly-themed breakfast with fetal-shaped cereal has been released.

IntiminaHas created a personal wellness brand Period CrunchA unique uterine-shaped breakfast cereal, to highlight the absence of period discussions between friends and family.

Each raspberry-scented cereal piece is uterine-shaped and bright red, giving the milk a distinctive red color.

The food box will also contain a conversation starter and a diagram of the female reproductive system that will help individuals identify the uterus in the body.

The brand launched a survey of more than 2,000 adults, which found that nearly half (48%) were embarrassed to discuss their period and more than three-quarters (77%) did not discuss their period in daily family social settings, such as in the morning. Around the breakfast table.

The unusually shaped cereal serves as a conversation starter, aimed at breaking down the social boundaries surrounding period talk.

'Period Crunch' aims to normalize conversations about fetal-shaped serial periods.
Photo Credit: Intimina

Dr. Sri Dutt, The gynecologist for INTIMINA said: “I am delighted that INTIMINA has taken the bull by the horns and created Period Crunch to help raise awareness of the ongoing social stigma surrounding Period.”

“Periods are a normal part of who we are, so it’s deeply troubling to hear that so many people feel uncomfortable discussing them when they are another part of our health,” said Dr. Dutt.

“It is heartbreaking to hear that 25% of people have taught themselves about periods when help is available. I’m looking forward to starting the Period Crunch conversation and breaking down the barriers at the breakfast table. “

The menstrual-themed serial was created as an ongoing part of the brand Seeing + hearing The Period Positivity Campaign, which seeks to normalize and improve menstrual health visibility.

“Periods are normal, and talking about periods should be normal,” he said Wake up DanellaIntimina is a spokesperson.

“But because of the ongoing scandal surrounding menstruation, period conversations remain difficult and embarrassing for people, even with loved ones.”

Jagar continued, “There is no more common and everyday scene than the whole family sitting together at the kitchen table and talking about food. And if period conversations are really normal, they won’t be out of this table – or out of this table. “

“But as our research shows, there is less talk about periods at home and in between. For our physical and mental health, we need to talk more about menstrual health – and this is designed to raise awareness about period crunch cereals and make a statement. “

Anyone interested in getting their hands on some period crunch should email [email protected]

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