PETA calls Jack Harlow for “Glamorizing Horse Racing” at Churchill Downs

Strike again! Animal rights groups are now coming to Jack Harlow for his “Churchill Downs” video.

The agency accused Harlow of profiting from animal abuse and claimed he was “glamorizing horse racing.” They also say that Harlow lost “whipping, drugs and death in the industry extensively” in his visuals.

PETA donates cash to the horse care company and asks Harlow to correct his mistakes. According to PETA, puppets are often sent for slaughter.

They added that three races die every day on U.S. tracks. The group further claims that 7,500 throbreads are exported each year for slaughter.

Harlow and Drake filmed the visual of their song “Churchill Downs” in the Kentucky Derby. The video also included Harlow’s comedian friend Drusky, who said the video was a milestone for Harlow.

“This video was one of the books,” he wrote in his Instagram story. “It’s very inspiring to see Jack bring the biggest stars to show us so much in his city and Kentucky.”

While the video and experience can be great, Harlow says he lost a lot of money in the end during the annual horse race.

“I did. I lost a lot of money,” Harlow said on the 85 South comedy show. “I just told Drake that I would bet whatever he did, so I copied him.”

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