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Peace Out Skincare is known for its line of skincare patches that deal with problems ranging from acne scars to blackheads, but a sticker that can fight wrinkles seems almost true. Through the use of micro-needling technology, Peace Out products are actually capable of “injecting” high-potency ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C and peptides directly into the skin just below the surface. In the case of one of the brand’s most promotional products, its a patch. These quick-acting patches deal with wrinkles in just two weeks, which, according to buyers, is a real impact of the product and not just a shiny promise.

One reviewer wrote, “I am skeptical of anti-wrinkle products because most of them do not work. 2 My annoying forehead lines were very smooth after use! Even better: these are extremely easy to use. There is no need to measure retinol to find out what your skin can handle. Instead of doing that math, all you have to do is wear these patches when you sleep twice a week (or at least six hours) and you’ll be as good as a new morning. After four applications (or two weeks), you will begin to see results in the form of smoother lines, more hydrated skin, and much more.

As if that weren’t good enough, these top-rated wrinkle reducers are the only 25 percent discount for today. Once you add them to your cart, you’ll automatically see magic prices drop from $ 24 to $ 18.

The patch itself is in the shape of an elongated oval, so it is suitable for placing in the forehead to deal with “11” lines. You can cover crow’s feet and even fan the lines of laughter from the corner of your eye. Each package comes with a total of six patches, so it will last you for three weeks.

Patch Out Wrinkles

Courtesy of Peace Out.

Patch Out Wrinkles

One buyer writes, “After all those hard days of working insects like wrinkles on my eyebrows, those two nights are gone. I would recommend it to anyone. “When a product says it will work in two weeks and it will actually work in two days it is * chef’s kiss *.

The key elements that notice the wrinkles in these patches begin with the 450 micro-needles found in each single patch. Micro-needles gently penetrate the surface of the skin to help the skin absorb the ingredients faster. Micro-needles contain a seven-peptide blend that helps smooth out fine lines, as well as a powerful blend of vitamin C that helps brighten skin. Since it also contains retinol, it will help reduce both uneven texture and fine lines on the skin surface.

Looks like “11” line customers are seeing the best results with this product. “I noticed a big difference in the lines between my eyebrows and it’s great,” wrote one buyer. “I used the patch twice in my 11 and was amazed !!! I can really see a difference,” wrote another.

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