Pisces Horoscope June 2022: Summer

If you are introverted, your Pisces June 2022 horoscope may break it. After all, on June 3, Mercury’s retreat will * finally * end, allowing the third cell of your communication to glow with lightning again. You can feel a strong connection with your voice, persuade you to say what you want to say and * mean * what you are saying.

In fact, June 11, word exchange could be the catalyst for something outside of this world. This is when Venus joins forces with Uranus in your intellectual third house, asking you to push the boundaries and take part in the conversation. You may get some unexpected news, such as from a boyfriend! The mere fact that a certain person is texting you can be an extra layer of surprise. As Mercury 13th June enters your sensitive fourth house, your sympathizers will be on high alert, so let healing be at the forefront of your mind.

When a full moon in Sagittarius on June 14 illuminates your career, it can make a big difference on the professional front. Your reputation is making waves, so make sure you show the world what you’re capable of It can also make you the subject of some hot gossip. Fortunately, not all presses are * bad * presses!

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The summer solstice is June 21st, but it is much longer than the longest day of the year. It is also when the Sun peer water sign enters Cancer, completely immersing you in the mysterious waters of your creative fifth house. This energy inspires you to the end, it makes a time that makes you happy and heals your inner child. By the end of school, baby! And as you enter your cozy fourth room on Friday 22nd June, you may feel like taking some rest at home while eating sugary cereals in front of the TV (as you did as a child).

Following your creative instincts can lead to profitable results on 28th June. As the Sun of Cancer closes with Jupiter in the second house of your money, you may be pleasantly surprised at how your talents can attract wealth. You may stumble across an artistic offer you can’t refuse! And when a new moon in Cancer lights up a flame in the fifth room of your colorful and musical instrument on June 28th, you may be on the verge of starting your next passion project. Make no mistake this summer is going to be intense!

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