PK Camsley has condemned Satin’s response to Dorit’s robbery

Paul of RHOBH "PK" Camsley called for Sutton Strack's response to Dorit's robbery, denying it. "Fun" Shadow

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Paul “PK” Camsley Talked about Sutton streakHis sensitive response to his wife’s news Dorit Kemsley Their two young sons, Jagger, 8, and Phoenix, 6, were robbed at gunpoint while sleeping in another room.

After discussing the attack at home with Sutton Kyle Richards On The real housewife of Beverly HillsMaking it clear that he was more concerned with what was happening in his life and his business, Pike offered a response to his lack of care in his Instagram story.

In a screenshot shared Bravo obsessed On TwitterA poll posted by Came to the UK Reshared by PK 7

“What do you think of Sutton’s reaction to Dory’s break-in?” The survey asked, with the option “perfectly good” or “it was shady” as the answer.

And after 87 percent of the page’s fans and admirers chose “It’s Shady,” Pike noted that Satin’s reaction to his wife’s horrific experience was far from funny.

“Shady sounds funny. It’s not a shadow, it’s dark,” he captioned the post.

RHOBH responds to Sutton Strack's response to Paul Pique Kamsley's drug robbery

Upstairs RHOBH At the premiere, Sutton told Kyle that Dorit’s break-in sounded “weird” before he turned on the spotlight.

“I also put out the fire all day today. But it could be just that kind of day … I found this French designer that I am bringing, ”Sutton shared, expressing frustration at the delays he faces from immigration.

“It simply came to our notice then [Dorit just went through]Kyle interrupted.

“Okay it’s for me and my business and that’s what I’m trying to do,” Sutton returns. “It’s all relative. I mean, I wasn’t stuck. I’m sorry. “

“I had a weird day and so I wasn’t focused and I was sensitive to what happened,” Sutton later told Page Six. “Once I’ve calmed my brain and realized the intensity, I think remorse can only explain how I felt.”

Erica Jane Also commented on Sutton’s response, said Wendy Williams show That’s them RHOBH The castmate could lose his life.

“I know we’re on a television show and in the guise of entertainment, but here’s the reality: Dorit could lose her life, and so can those kids, so don’t tell me, ‘Oh well I’m just stuck in it …’ [Sutton]Of 50, I 50. We are not children, we know what was coming out of our mouths.

“Crime is real … and you have to be sensitive to people who are victims of crime, you know, a violent crime,” he added.

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 12 airs Wednesday at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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