Play Aly & AJ Who’s more likely to be – Sister Edition: Watch the video

Aly Michalka and AJ Michalka may be known as Aly & AJ, but when it comes to who is more likely to forget the song, posting a bad picture of someone else and ruining a TV show, the sisters have a clear choice.

Aly & AJ is the cover of StyleCaster’s May 2022 issue, Festival Issue. “We have a day where we are able to express our personality better than others. And then there are the days when we don’t really need to be apart, “Ally told StyleCaster about her and her sister’s bond as artists in her and Ally’s cover interview. “We’re just thinking like an amoeba.”

In honor of their cover, we played a game of “Who’s Who – Sister’s Edition”, where we asked Ally and AJ to choose the most probable sister between the two of them on various topics. A simple answer to a question that was dear to their parents. “AJ is definitely dear to parents,” Ally said. “She’s a kid too … She’s a little too soft, too affectionate, she calls them often.” AJ added, “I tell them, ‘We’ve just landed in New York. Don’t worry, we’re safe.’ Like Ally, “Who cares if they know where we are? You texted Mom and Dad?” When AJ confirms that he, in fact, texted their parents that they were safe and healthy in New York for the Stylecaster shoot, AJ responds, “Well, you go. That’s why he’s a favorite.”

One question that was more complicated was who borrowed clothes from another sister and forgot to return them. “Neither of us. We always come back,” AJ said, adding that “we are almost obsessive compulsive.” AJ explained, “Since we like to borrow from each other, we don’t want our closets to be overloaded with things we don’t have, so the next day, it’s like coming back … we’re literally a return service.”

Another question that was tossed up was who could spread a privacy. “I think we’re both really good secret guards when we know it’s a legitimate confidentiality,” Ally said. “It’s a perfect example [AJ] You know something that hides your girlfriend in a fun way, like a project thing. “AJ added,” It’s a nickname. There’s a whole thing. She can’t tell. ” Aly continued, “And I know about it but because I know friends, and [AJ] Was, ‘Can I tell Ali?’ And he was, ‘Yeah, okay.’

However, one question that No-Brainer had was who is more likely to post a photo where she is beautiful to look at but the other sister does not. “Ali. We can fight over it,” AJ said. “I want to say, ‘I’m sorry, I have lazy eyes in it. Ali explained, “Your eyes are on you. We are selfish people. “

Watch the video above to see Allie and AJ’s “Who’s Who – Sister Edition” with StyleCaster. Check out the StyleCaster festival issue and cover story with Ally and AJ here.

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