Plus Size Fashion: 16 Best Shopping Sites For Curvy Girls

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When looking for adorable plus-size fashion online, welcome now Finally Being a little simpler though the battle for size inclusion is certainly not over, there are many amazing websites that not only offer specific ranges with increased size, but actually specialize in giving people what they want. To help you on your journey to creating the perfect outfit this year, I’ve created some of the best plus-size fashion websites I can find online.

Yes, you have some go-to brands like Eloquii in this list, but I have also included some lesser known options like Dia & Co and Co Edition. The pretital thing, for example, has recently expanded the selection of plus-size offers and everything So Strangely Beautiful If you need more basic things to keep in mind, consider brands like Universal Standard, many of which go up to 4X in size. If you have a wedding on your calendar this spring or summer, 11 Honore offers a selection of stunning gowns and other high-fashion pieces with more luxurious price tags. Their dresses are really worth the splurge, though!

Of course, I can’t talk about the plus-size fashion brand without mentioning the ASOS Curve. They are on the opposite end of the price spectrum from 11 Honore (most of their items are retail below $ 200) but they have a perfect trend in every (!) Single (!) Season with full selection. The same goes for the Mango Violetta range: Gone are the days when increased size meant you couldn’t dress like your favorite Instagram influencers.

Read on to buy clothes, bodysuits and more from 15 of our favorite plus-size brands.

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Courtesy of Rafaela Sportswear.

Rafaela Sportswear

Raphael carries a choice of superior everyday clothing that is made for all body types. The Raffaella collection includes Ella Plus-sizes and smaller options that are professional enough for the office but sporty enough for the day off and night (think off-the-shoulder tops, sophisticated jumpsuits and floral outfits). The plus-size collection lasts up to 3X.

StyleCaster |  Plus size fashion

Courtesy of CoEdition.


Co Edition is a one-stop shop for plus-size brands. The site has over 100 variations in sizes 14-32 which means you can find the perfect pair of outdoor tops, swimsuits, formal attire and even jeans. The site has a colorful spring and summer editing feature so I suggest you check out the ready-made clothes for the holidays before your next trip.

StyleCaster |  Plus size fashion

Courtesy of Anthropology.


If you miss it – Anthropology now makes beautiful AF plus-size clothing. Case in point: This is the perfect wrap midi skirt. This particular part starts in the form of XS and goes up to a size 3X, so all your bases are covered. And much more from where it came from — I mean wedding dresses, trousers, loungewear, and more. It’s time to channel your inner boho goddess.

StyleCaster |  Plus size retailer

Courtesy of Fashion to Figure.

Fashion to figure

Fashion to figure should be one of the first places when buying something new. There is no better website than this for fun, fashionable clothing that you can actually afford. This knitted sweater dress, for example, retails for under $ 100 and seems to cost a lot more than that. Check out their FTFLab section, where they host limited-edition collections designed by your favorite fashion interiors.

StyleCaster |  Plus size fashion

Courtesy of Eloquii.


If Eloquii isn’t already one of your favorite plus-size brands, why not? They design Everything From sexy lingerie to sweaters to party clothes this sparkly romper is like this. They’re a little expensive, but they’re definitely one of the best inclusive fashion brands … so far. Their size range is, of course, incomparable – this piece starts at size 14 and goes up to size 32.

StyleCaster |  Plus size fashion

Courtesy of AFRM.


Needless to say, Nordstrom is an amazing website, but I feel the need to give you one of their best secrets: a brand called AFRM. I personally love them because they make some sexy plus-size dresses on the web. These are often wrapped in mesh and print and are ready for a good time. This fake cheetah print number has probably been shot at the top of your must-buy list, so go ahead – take a dip.

StyleCaster |  Plus size retailer

Courtesy of Dia & Co.

Dia & Co.

So, you bought a few pieces from Dia & Co and you want more- e.g., More. Why not sign up for the box with them, a monthly subscription-style service that brings you all the beautiful outfits directly without any other way. Now you can easily shop online with the ability to try shopping in stores I love the options! This effortless waking moment is definitely calling your name.

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Courtesy of Mango.


Didn’t know that mangoes have such a good plus-size range! This can be totally your one stop shop for effortless and trendy pieces that will make your outfit last forever. For example, this denim jumpsuit is perfect for an outdoor date night or for running your daily routine. Like many parts of the range, it is available up to a size 4X.

StyleCaster |  Plus size retailer

Courtesy of Universal Standard.

Universal standard

As I said before, the Universal Standard knows a thing or two about creating high-quality basics in a wide range of forms. It’s literally new, good, in their brand DNA. Universal standard When it comes to inclusion in fashion. These gorge detail high-rise jeans, for example, go up to size 40. We love to see it!

StyleCaster |  Plus size fashion

Courtesy of Pretty Little Thing.


Now what I’m saying is: sexy, bold pieces that are available in sizes up to 5X! PrettyLittleThing gives girls a plus-size piece that they actually are Would like To wear. This fake button-down dress is sexy and fitted but comfortable to dance all night long.

StyleCaster |  Plus size fashion

Courtesy of Tania Taylor.

11 Respect

See, the perfect wedding guest dress! This Tanji Taylor summer dress from Tania Taylor is available at 11 Honore, a site that offers high-end and designer pieces in an impressive extended size range. For example, this piece is available in sizes up to 3X Yes, 11 Honore pieces are expensive, but the quality is seriously valuable. Every item you buy will forever be the mainstay of your rotation এবং and what could be better?

StyleCaster |  Plus size fashion

Courtesy of ASOS Curve.

ASOS Curve

Yes for both included brands And Affordable ASOS has a huge selection of clothing, jeans and more in their curve range, but this sleek blue suit is one of my favorites because you can wear it all year round. The design of the suit tells how cheap many of them are without sacrificing quality. If you want to buy a brand new outfit this season, let ASOS be your guiding light.

StyleCaster |  Plus size fashion

Courtesy of Buxom Couture.


It’s almost June, which means it’s time to officially start buying all your summer outfits at Verishop. Retailers choose one of both well-known and indie brands for a unique and personalized shopping experience on their site or app. Vership’s plus-size range is one of the best on the web. Topic: They sell this adorable tiered dress from Buxom Couture. Anyone throwing a party soon?

StyleCaster |  Plus size fashion

Courtesy of Christy Dawn.

Christy Dawn

I’m a fan of any sustainable brand, but Christy Dawn is one of my favorite inventions of the year. They have the best selection of clothing and many of them — such as these boho flower options উপলব্ধ are available in sizes up to 3X. I’m also a fan of any piece that double shifts my outfit, and this option is perfect for a variety of occasions (which means you are officially allowed to splurge on it).

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Courtesy of Jason Wu.


Friends, please do not sleep on QVC! They have plenty of incredible options in the plus-size section, with sizes ranging from 5X or 36. Brands like Jay Jason Woo and Isaac Mizrahi Live! There are tons of incredible options for all seasons. I’m partial to this dark green dress for effortless style and comfort.

StyleCaster |  Plus size fashion

Courtesy of Torrid.


If you think you’re already familiar with Todd’s outfit, think again. Not only do they offer their versatile basics and old selection of wardrobe staples that have made them so popular, but they also sell some new and fun AF pieces – like these tank and skater skirt sets. Go ahead, browse their site a bit and tell me you don’t want at least one thing.

A version of this article was previously published in September 2021.

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