Police waited for an hour to enter the school for fear of being shot

School shooting, Uvalde Texas

Source: Wally Scalise / Getty

On the other hand, the mass shooting at Rob Elementary School in Texas still burdens the hearts and minds of the nation. The grief and anguish are so fresh and while the family, friends and neighbors of the deceased are processing what happened before their eyes, the public is getting more information about the other tragedy that happened on that bloody afternoon …

Uvalade police waited 1 hour before stopping the mass shooter in fear

Yesterday, we posted a report about parents who were detained by useless and incompetent police officers when a mad killer shot and killed them inside the classroom. In addition, we reported how it took about a full hour for those officers to enter the school to give the shooter ample opportunity to do his bad job.

Today, according to Yahoo! In the news, Lieutenant Chris Oliverage is “explaining” what looks like terrible cowardice to everyone else.

The active shooter situation, you want to stop killing, you want to save lives, but one thing that – of course, the American people must understand – is that the officers are entering this building. They do not know where the gunman is. They can hear the sound of gunfire. They are getting the sound of gunfire.

At that point, if they went further without knowing where the suspect was, they could be shot, killed, and the gunman would have a chance to kill other people inside that school.

The lack of this action has turned into a very hot button after the shooting, and parents like Angeli Rose Gomez are describing some very annoying details of how the police behaved. “The police were not doing anything,” Gomez said. They were just standing outside the fence. They weren’t going there or running anywhere. “


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