President Joe Biden addressed the nation, urging Texas to follow suit

Just a few hours later, Texas The gunman shot dead 21 people, including 19 children, two teachers and his grandmother. President Joe Biden He addressed the nation.

Biden first expressed his condolences to the parents of the lost victims. “Losing a child is like tearing apart a piece of your soul,” he said

He immediately asks the question he faces when he believes America’s problem is, “When are we going to stand in the gun lobby in God’s name?”

According to officials, Texas has relaxed gun laws in the past two years, passing a permit-less carry in 2021. This special law allows Texans to carry handguns in public without training or without a permit. The law was signed by Governor Greg Abbott. He believed that he had “signed independence into a single star state.”

America has seen nearly 900 incidents of gun violence on school grounds. As a leader, Joe Biden witnessed the situation from the front row seat. “I am just sick and tired,” he said. We have to work. “

He acknowledged that the number of shots fired had changed in recent years, noting that since the arms embargo was passed, the number of shots had dropped.

Twenty-five years ago, Congress passed the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act, aka “Prohibition of Assault Weapons.” It also prohibits the manufacture and sale of semi-automatic weapons for civilian use. It also bans magazines that can fire 10 rounds or more.

The bill states that it will expire within 10 years unless it is voted on and renewed by Congress. Because of the Republican-led House, the bill has never been renewed.

According to Biden, “when the law expires, the number of shots triples.”

Although mental health articles about shooters and many other shooters have been published in the past, Biden questions why these problems are so rare elsewhere in the world. “They have mental health problems, domestic conflicts and lost people,” he said.

He simply feels that as a nation we must “take courage and stand up for the lobbyist. It’s time to act.”

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