Prosecutors accuse Young Thug of bragging about shooting YFN Luchi’s mother

Young thugs, Born Jeffrey Williams, is currently facing multiple charges in a RICO case along with his YSL labelmates. On Thursday, the thug bond was denied.

During Thursday’s Bond hearing, prosecutors cited the rapper’s “Bad Boy” song, claiming that Atlanta boasted about the rapper’s shooting. YFN Luchir Mom

“Mr. Williams ate a beef, if you will, with another rapper named Ryan Bennett, also known as YFN Luchi,” the prosecutor told the court. “At one point, Lucy’s mom was shot, and the song comes out, ‘Bad Boy’, which says, uh, let’s see … ‘Take a closer look at the way you’re breathing around me.’ , Smith and Wesson. 45 makes a hole in his heart. It’s better not to play with me. The killers stay with me. I shot his mother.

It has been widely reported that Lucie has been named as a victim of allegations against YSL. Authorities believe that YSL planned or possibly tried to assassinate Luchi. Luchi, who is currently in jail, was stabbed in the back of the jail.

Also, prosecutors continue to refer to Young Thug as “King Slim”, calling him a dangerous person.

While denying Thagar bail, the judge noted concerns about threats or damages to witnesses. The trial is not expected to begin until January next year.

Gunna, Yak Gotti, YSL Duke and several other YSL label affiliates are also facing charges under the lawsuit.

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