Queen Elizabeth II and Lilliputian astrology: a functional royal connection

The Queen of England and her beloved great-granddaughter Lilibet have a strong spiritual connection. If you haven’t heard, Meghan Merkel and Prince Harry actually named her Lilibate after the Queen, because Lilibate was her childhood nickname. However, the astrological and cosmic compatibility of Queen Elizabeth II and Lilibet proves the truth that their connection is * so * much deeper than the pass-down of a name!

The Queen * finally * was able to meet her great-granddaughter at the Queen’s Jubilee on 2nd June, which means their relationship has been officially set in motion. While the Queen is a patient and realistic Taurus, Lilibate is a clever and fast-moving twin, making them an even more unlikely pair. And if you’re wondering how his Royal Highness got Lilibet, you don’t need a direct answer, because you can use astrology to find out. Fortunately, if the stars have anything to say about it, they’ve been incredibly good!

Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926 in Mayfair, London, United Kingdom at 2:40 am. Her great-granddaughter, Lilibet Diana, was born on June 4, 2021, at 11:40 a.m. in Santa Barbara, Mountbatten-Windsor, California. With a Gemini Sun, Aries Moon and a Leo, Lilibet is probably a clever heir to the throne; A child of high strength and sharp intellect. Queen Elizabeth II, on the other hand, has a Taurus ascendant of the Sun, Leo Moon and Capricorn, which means that Lilibate probably possesses a more generous personality than her stable and earthy grandfather. Lilliput will probably take many steps throughout her life, exploiting her flamboyant behavior and revolutionizing the monarchy as she ages. Although the queen prefers tradition – after all, she has a Capricorn – she understands the need for change because of her Leo moon which wants to shake things up.

Queen Elizabeth II

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Interestingly, the Queen is connected to * much more * baby lilies than the world has realized. Lilibate’s birth list lined up with Leo Moon, Queen Elizabeth’s ascending Leo, meaning they have almost magnetic pulls towards each other. Her granddaughter will be able to express what the queen feels internally. The emotion that the queen can hold is expressed through the existence of Lilliput. However, the birth charts of both of them reveal a deep appreciation for the royal behavior that supports them so much in their lives. They understand the needs of the monarchy and will share deep respect and pride for their heritage. Together, they can even find a way to make it stronger!

Lilliput is the heir apparent to the throne that will help the family transform the monarchy and bring it into the future.

Lilibet’s Venus গ্র the planet of beauty and social grace সেই as well as the planet of her goodness সাহ courage and action িব aligned with the Queen’s North Node of Destiny. This is a major sign of their ancestral alliance with each other. Make no mistake the Queen of England is actively attached to her great-granddaughter and they must have wanted to meet in this lifetime. There is no doubt that Lilliput will study her great-grandfather in the future and be amazed at what she has achieved throughout her incredible life. Venus and Mars connect each other’s North Nodes of Destiny in their Sinastri charts, they are pulling towards each other and their lives will have a profound effect on each other. The two have a feeling of unconditional love, even if they can’t spend a lot of time together personally. Even as a child, Queen Elizabeth will admire the beauty and strength of Lilliput; He may even think that these are the qualities that he gave to Lilliput.

Queen Elizabeth Meghan Merkel Prince Harry Queen Elizabeth II and Lilliput Astrology: Why Their Birth List Reveals a Functional Royal Connection

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Not only that, they both share a Saturn aspect that will always bind them together. In astrology, Saturn is the planet of action and longevity. The Queen has Saturn in Scorpio, the Aquarius in Lilibet has Saturn, which is challenging to each other, yet forms an inspiring class. There is no doubt that they will learn from each other and aim to understand the purpose of their actions. This is another functional astrological aspect that will strengthen their relationship and possibly make Lilibet a favorite of hers (take that, Megan Merkel is hateful!) Although their personalities may occasionally clash তাই so Lilibet’s parents and her aunt and uncle, Prince William and The ongoing conflict between Kate Middleton-for their own personal growth এটি is essential for everyone to discuss the situation and talk about elephants in the house. If they are willing to put aside their pride, they can understand deeply where the other is coming from. It will strengthen their bonds year after year, and frankly, Lilliput may be the one who will finally and once and for all resolve this family crisis.

Outside of this, Venus in Pisces and Uranus are linked to Jupiter in Lilibate and Neptune in Pisces. Uranus of Lilibet also connects to the Sun of the Taurus Queen. After all, Saturn in Aquarius is in the sign of Lilibet, which is the same zodiac as Queen Mars and Jupiter. I know it might sound like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but it’s actually quite significant! Above all, it means Lilliput is the radical heir to the throne that will help the family transform the monarchy and bring it into the future.

The queen and her grandchildren will have an intimate relationship. However, their astrological synopsis also shows that their bond will be challenging and transformative. Lilliput is the dreamer who is waiting for the monarchy, especially Queen Elizabeth. Also, Lilibet’s Aries Moon connects with Queen Elizabeth’s Mercury in Aries, meaning they will always have an incredibly loving and legitimate conversation together. I Guess we know who the beloved grandson will be!

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