Racist restaurant owners kicked out of the elevator for making racist remarks

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Racist whites are equal for the American course. Not a day goes by that alabaster fanatics do not commit some heinous crime against legal diversity or humanity in any way, shape or form. Black people have literally spent hundreds of years fighting all forms of aggression and we are still fighting that. In the summer of 2020, after the public lynching of George Floyd, it was inevitable that we would take to the streets and hear our voices. We will always be our # 1 advocates, however, what sets the summer protests apart from any previous protests is the inclusion of allies, or at least, white people who were willing to follow Mayoman and stand up in public to speak out. True to power.

We don’t know if the subject of this particular story was one of those protesters, but he certainly did well to present non-toxic whiteness in the now-viral situation. A video we are referring to has now run several times around the internet and shows a white elevator driver James W. Bod The racist whites are given exactly what they deserve; Nothing

On Friday night, Bode picked up a passenger, a white woman, who remarked incredibly, “You look like a white man,” as he entered his car. Shocked, Bode asks him to repeat his remarks, which he doubles on his cacophony racism, “Are you like a white man? Are you like a normal person, just like you can speak English? “

Watch the clip below.

Have you ever heard of this soup cookie body called “Ni **’s Boyfriend” ??? It’s just vintage racism right there. The kind Grandma used to make from scratch in her kitchen.

After the incident, Bode took to his Facebook page to let everyone know what happened and exactly who was responsible. You see, the woman, identified only as “Jackie” and owns a Catasuca, Pennsylvania bar called Fossil’s Last Stand by her husband. Someone commented on Van Lathan’s Instagram post that the restaurant is located on Race Street. Go to the figure.

The last stand of Yelpe Fossil is currently being eaten alive by those who have watched the video of the Uber driver and who are calling the owners. Get some good smiles here.

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