Rahim Bailey, 11, lost his finger to escape racist bullying at school

Racism may be one of America’s favorite pastimes, but anti-blackness is global.

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Black kids should be free to learn and have fun in school, not resist against themselves Racist attack. When Conservatives shout about the discomfort of white children From learning about history, to the choice of black children Rahim Bailey To go to school, one has to risk one’s life and limbs. Freedom The 11-year-old reported that One finger had to be amputated after being injured while fleeing racist bullies.

The boy’s mother, Calm BaileyHe said he had been subjected to “racial and physical abuse” since the start of the school year last September Abertillery Learning Community In Wales. He knew the other kids were bad to him but had no idea how much he was suffering until the life-changing injury. Instead of getting help from teachers at the school, Rahim told his mother last Monday that he had been punished for harassing her.

“On Monday, when I was at work, Rahim called me in tears, saying that he was being harassed and that the teacher had threatened to detain him even though he was being picked. After work I went to school and told them that all this needed to stop. I was then assured that everything would be handled by Tuesday morning, “he wrote in an Instagram post.

After allowing these kids to abuse Rahim for the entire school year, it’s hard to imagine they ever raised a finger to help him. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure.

“During the break on Tuesday morning, Rahim was attacked and beaten by a group of children while he was at school. He was pushed to the ground and then repeatedly kicked. As a result, Rahim desperately tried to leave the school grounds to escape the situation. “

As one of the youngest children in his class, countless and unprotected by teachers, running away seemed the only option. When he tried to climb a cliff to escape, “his finger was caught and attached to it, causing the skin to strip and the finger to break in half.”

“I got a call from Rahim and then the school informed me of the incident. The school told me that the ambulance would not come for 2 hours, but advised me not to drive Rahim himself to A&E. Rahim, his baby brother and I were taken on a school bus to a minor injury unit, although they knew his injuries were serious. “

Every minute is counted for the treatment of serious injuries, but the abortion staff showed no activity or concern to help Rahim. Instead of taking the boy to the hospital, they waste precious time taking Shantal on a school bus. He then had to wait another 5 hours and travel another 50 miles for emergency surgery on his finger.

“As time went on, it became clear that the possibility of losing my son’s finger was real. The doctors then confirmed that it was possible. I had to explain it to him while he was sitting there in agony.

“She had to have her finger amputated after 6 hours of surgery, which ultimately failed, to save her. Since the day of the incident, the abortile learning community has not come to me to check on her health. “

The neglected school issued a statement claiming that “the well-being and safety of our students and staff is paramount.” Goente police have confirmed that they are investigating the incident. The school deleted its public accounts, but only after posting a half-assed tweet celebrating “diversity”.

Shantaler GoFundMe campaign Has surpassed the goal of paying for his prosthesis, collected more than £ 84,000 and is counting. It’s fantastic that they have financial support through this tragedy, but schools, teachers and parents who enabled this little Lynch Mob must be held accountable.

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